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Elegantsy Product Labels
By Zendapps
Premium Site Required

Elegantsy Product Labels

By Zendapps
Attract Customers with Text Labels, Badges Tag
5.0 (3)
Premium Site Required

Elegantsy Product Labels overview

    Ready to use templates, does not require learning time.
    Set labels by product name.
    Support both images and templates.
    Bulk assigns the labels to the products.
Make your store more attractive with labels, stickers, tags, ribbons, and badges that invite customers to buy the products. Product labels are attractive app because they act in users' minds as approaches that draw their attention to a specific product, offer, or attract them, increasing their interest and willingness to buy.
Availability:This app is available worldwide.
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Site Requirements:
- Premium Plan
- Connected Domain

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This app offers a 25-day free trial
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33 Types of CSS Templates
151 Types of Image Templates
Unlimited Images Upload
Unlimited Labels
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