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By polectech
14 day free trial


By polectech
Carbon Neutrality for Sales Success
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14 day free trial

EcoOffset overview

    High quality carbon offsets by CNaught
    Attract Green-Minded Customers
    Financial Incentives for You
    Boost Sales and Loyalty
Welcome to EcoOffset - Transform your online business into a beacon of sustainability while unlocking financial rewards. Carbon Offset Integration: Seamlessly integrate carbon offset solutions into your Wix store, allowing customers to offset their carbon footprint with ease. EcoOffset procures high quality carbon credits with CNaught through your CNaught Account. Financial Incentives for You: Earn up to 10% in commissions for each order. The best part? You decide your commission fee, giving you control over your financial rewards. The customer pays you for the carbon credits, CNaught bills you at 20$/t CO2e, you can keep the specified commission. Attract Green-Minded Customers: Showcase your dedication to the environment, attracting customers who value eco-friendly practices and making your brand their top choice. Boost Sales and Loyalty: By aligning your business with sustainability, not only do you boost sales, but you also foster customer loyalty from those who appreciate your commitment to the planet. Ready to make your mark in eco-friendly commerce? Install EcoOffset today and embark on a journey of sustainable growth.
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This app offers a 14-day free trial
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Sell high quality carbon credits
Earn up to 10% for each offset order
3 fully customizable widgets
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