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Easy Language Translate
By Joboapps
Premium Site Required

Easy Language Translate

By Joboapps
Dynamically translates your store content
3.5 (6)
Premium Site Required

Easy Language Translate overview

    Auto translate : Automatically change the visitor country primary language
    Add global languages in your store and display your product in visitors language
    Save visitor language selection, Display the language with country flags
    Set the language widget templates, 100+ translation languages available
Easy Language Translate app is an useful translation tool that allows you to translate texts from more than 100 different languages. It has some useful features like automatic source language recognition. The Easy Language Translate app dynamically adds a customizable Google translate widget to the top right of your user screen.
Availability:This app is available worldwide.
App languages:
Site Requirements:
- Premium Plan
- Connected Domain

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Pricing & plans

This app offers a 7-day free trial
Starter plan


100+ Language Support
Auto Translate Store
Multiple Langauge Selector Layouts
No Need to Add Language Text
* Price is in USD

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