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Contentful Integration
By Wix Spartans
14 day free trial

Contentful Integration

By Wix Spartans
Easily integrate Contentful into a Wix site
5.0 (1)
14 day free trial

Contentful Integration overview

    Use your data from contentful in Wix site
    Create dynamic pages in seconds
    Change the selected language in one place
Within seconds, you can connect your Contentful account to the Wix site and build your site using your Contenftul CMS data. This app will integrate your Contentful models into Wix Data, allowing you to create beautiful dynamic pages without writing a single line of code. Each contentful model would appear in Wix as an external collection (read-only) providing you with all the binding and design capabilities Wix offers.
Availability:This app is available worldwide.
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App developed byWix Spartans

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This app offers a 14-day free trial
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Experience the full spectrum of Contentful CMS and Wix without the constraints of a trial. Elevate your Wix site with seamless integration with Contentful
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