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Charts and Graphs
By The Wix Wiz
Free plan available

Charts and Graphs

By The Wix Wiz
Stunning data visualizations with no code
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Free plan available

Charts and Graphs overview

    Select from multiple chart types
    Connect to your site data collections
    Easy no code installation
Introducing "Charts and Graphs" – your all-in-one solution for effortlessly integrating dynamic charts and graphs into your website, without the need for coding expertise. With "Charts and Graphs", transforming raw data into captivating visualizations has never been easier. Say goodbye to complex coding processes. With "Charts and Graphs", simply set up your data collections and add your preferred chart type – from pie graphs to bar charts – with just a few clicks. Transform your website into a hub of visual storytelling with "Charts and Graphs". Whether you're a blogger, business owner, educator, or data enthusiast, our app empowers you to unlock the full potential of your data through compelling visualizations. Try "Charts and Graphs" today and elevate your data presentation to new heights.
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