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Blocky: IP & Country Blocker
By Effective Apps
Free to install

Blocky: IP & Country Blocker

By Effective Apps
Visitors analytics & block by country, IP, VPN
Free to install
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  • Blocky: IP & Country Blocker overview

        Block visitors from certain countries from accessing your site
        Block specific visitors by their IP address
        Block bots, crawlers and scammers who use a Proxy or VPN connection
        Visitor analytics: Get insightful metrics about your site visitors: IP, country, browser & more
    Are you suffering from unwanted visitors, bots and scammers in your site? Block their access in less than 30 seconds with Blocky! About The App Blocky allows you to block unwanted visitors from accessing your site by their geolocation country or IP address. Country-specific Visitors Blocker After installation, Blocky blocks visitors that visit your site from one of the countries you've blocked and prevents them from accessing your site and performing actions in it. Block IP Addresses Are you being attacked or harassed by known IP addresses? Put an end to that by adding their IP addresses to the app's black list and immediately prevent their access to your site. Block Proxy & VPN Connection Prevent from visitors who use a Proxy / VPN connection from accessing your site Visitors Analytics Get smart insights about your site visitors: Their IP address, geolocation country and browser type. Easily detect and block suspicious visitors. What Happens To Blocked Visitors? After a visitor is being blocked, they are being automatically redirected to a page of your choice in your site, where you can show them any text to let them know that they are blocked from accessing your site.
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    This app offers a 7-day free trial


    Country Blocker (up to 3 countries)


    Country Blocker (unlimited)
    IP Blocker
    Bot Killer: Proxy & VPN Blocker
    Visitors Analytics
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