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Automatic Story Feed
By Apester
Premium Site Required

Automatic Story Feed

By Apester
Turn content into engaging stories seamlessly
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Premium Site Required
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  • Automatic Story Feed overview

        Boost engagement by automatically placing the Apester Story Feed on your website.
        Automatically create engaging Stories from your own images, videos, and text.
        Generate interactive Stories over time for every new article or rich content on your website without doing any manual work.
        Analyze your content and discover how to get more out of your content and your website.
    Discover the perfect way to engage with your users in the visual era. Story Feed automatically transforms your images, videos, and text into Stories that users love without any hassle involved. Stories are a bite-sized format that have proven to keep users hooked and engaged, regardless of the platform. With Automatic Story Feed, it’s never been easier to turn your existing content into interactive online experiences, without compromising your look and feel, time, or budget.
    Availability:This app is available worldwide.
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    Site Requirements:
    - Premium Plan
    - Connected Domain

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    This app offers a 14-day free trial
    Apester Premium plan


    Automatic story feed creation
    Boost engagement with story feed
    Effective website navigation
    Make your content more appealing
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