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Animated Dividers
By Paper Temple
Free plan available

Animated Dividers

By Paper Temple
Visually striking & animated content breaks
2.3 (4)
Free plan available

Animated Dividers overview

    3 Free + 33 premium animations to choose from
    Size & customize style to match any design
    Unlimited uses per site
    Add 2-color gradient backgrounds
Add extra style to your website with Animated Dividers, a powerful & easy-to-use background strip widget. This handy tool has over 30 pre-designed ready-to-use animations to choose from and can be used to visually separate content, highlight important calls to action, or add depth and character to your site. Setup is a breeze allowing you to layout visually striking frames and content breaks in seconds. Multiple strips are supported per page and they can be individually customized with multiple options. You can also create layered effects and include gradients! Check it out today by adding Animated Dividers to your site and enjoying any of the 3 free fully featured animations!
Availability:This app is available worldwide.
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Pricing & plans

Basic plan


3 Free Animation Options
Style & Size Customization
Unlimited Uses Per Page
Subscription plan


+7 Wave Animation Options
+7 Pattern Animation Options
+19 Special Animation Options
* Price is in USD

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