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Age Verification Pro
By MarketPushApps
7 day free trial

Age Verification Pro

By MarketPushApps
Age Verification Popup + Checkout Age Warning
7 day free trial

Age Verification Pro overview

    Age Verification Popup: Confirm visitors' age easily with customizable, ready-to-use templates for various business cases.
    Legal Age Warnings at Checkout: Ensure compliance by displaying warnings at checkout, reminding customers to meet the legal age requirement.
    Customizable Templates: Tailor age verification popups to your brand with a range of templates for diverse business scenarios.
Easily add an Age Verification on your site with customizable popups and a suite of ready-to-use templates catering to various business cases. Tailor the age verification process to your brand without hassle. A diverse range of templates lets you seamlessly integrate the verification into your website, ensuring a customized and cohesive user experience. For Stores, we provide Age Warnings at Checkout. Strategically placed warnings at checkout gently remind customers to meet legal age requirements, supporting responsible practices. Get one step closer to compliance using this solution.
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This app offers a 7-day free trial
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Add an Age Verification Popup
Choose From 7 Ready-to-use Templates
Easily Configure To Match Your Style
Stores: Show Age Warning At Checkout
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