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Age Verification Popup
By Effective Apps
Free plan available

Age Verification Popup

By Effective Apps
Verify visitors age & increase website security
Free plan available

Age Verification Popup overview

    Require customers to verify their age before browsing your website and ensure compliance
    Easily restrict & redirect underaged visitors out of your website
    Use your own brand's logo in the age verification popup
    Fully customizable design: Control the popup's color, text, buttons and more
Ask your visitors to verify their age on the first time they visit your website and prevent underaged visitors from browsing your website. About The App Age Verification Popup allows you to easily ask your visitors to verify their age by showing them a pop up modal on the first time they visit your website. When seeing the age verification pop up, they'll have to click on the Yes (I am over 18) button in order to be able to access the website. Visitors who'll click on the No (I am under 18) button will be redirected away from the website. Fully Customizable Design The age verification popup is highly customizable: You can fully control its color, text, background color, shape and more. You can also upload and use your own brand logo as the primary image in the pop up. Remembers Visitors Choices You can configure the pop up to remember visitors' choices for a certain amount of time and prevent the pop up from appearing again for visitors who already verified their age. Mobile & Desktop Support The Age Verification Popup supports both desktop and mobile versions of your site.
Availability:This app is available worldwide.
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Add an age verification pop up to site
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Add your own logo to the pop up
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