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AdScale: Google Ads & Shopping
From $99 / month

AdScale: Google Ads & Shopping

by AdScale
Win the eCommerce Race with AI-Advertising
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From $99 / month
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  • AdScale: Google Ads & Shopping Overview

        Drive more sales with Google Shopping & Google Search
        Automated Creation of Merchant Center & Feed Upload
        More Customers - More Revenue
        Save time & Media Agency Costs
    AdScale weaves the power of AI technology into your advertising by automatically creating and optimizing ads across Google Shopping, Google Search, Google Display Network & Youtube. How AdScale works: 1. AdScale analyzes your store data and order history to tailor your optimal advertising plan - targeting the right customers with the right products on the right channel. Serving thousands of stores like yours, our AI knows exactly what works ...
    best for you. 2. AdScale automatically creates ads on all major advertising channels in no time, based on the content and images in your store. 3. AdScale’s optimization module monitors your ads and makes real-time changes to improve your performance. AdScale makes hundreds of changes per day to give you a competitive advantage over all other advertisers. 4. AdScale syncs between your store data and the ads to ensure that your advertising is accurate at all times. 5. With AdScale analytics, you can view the performance of all your campaigns on one dashboard. Easily analyze the results of every aspect of your ads, like channels, devices, location, gender, age, and more. The entire process is fully automated!

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      Creation of Merchant Center & Feed
      Automated Google Shopping Ads
      Automated Google Search Ads
      24/7 Automated Campaign Optimization
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