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Add to Calendar Button
By Add to Calendar
Free plan available

Add to Calendar Button

By Add to Calendar
Make users save your events to their calendars
5.0 (1)
Free plan available

Add to Calendar Button overview

    Highly customizable Add to Calendar Buttons
    Supporting any calendar and device
    Boost engagement with one-click event saves
    Elevate your events: simple, swift, and secure
Bringing the famous Add to Calendar Button to your site. Make your users save events into any major calendar platform, such as Google, Apple, Microsoft 365, Outlook, Teams, Yahoo Calendar, and more. This app is designed to minimize setup effort and ensuring a zero-headache integration process. IMPORTANT: Due to security restrictions, the preview will not render the button properly when interacting. It works fine, when testing it on the live website. Supporting: - all modern browsers as well as all kinds of environments and devices. - a wide array of event types, including timed, all-day, as well as recurring events. - time zone and daylight saving management. - strong customization, offering adjustable light and dark styles. - optimized accessibility features, supporting mouse, touch, and keyboard input. - over 20 languages + custom labeling. - GDPR compliance by design. - automated structured rich data for SEO. - much more... This makes it an awesome solution for any website looking to enhance event visibility and user interaction.
Availability:This app is available worldwide.
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Basic plan


Unlimited Add to Calendar Buttons
Basic style
Limited customization options
Not supporting recurrence
Recurring plan


Unlimited Add to Calendar Buttons
All features
No external dependencies
As long as you need it
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