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SoundsOn: Background Music
By Certified Code
From $6.00 / month

SoundsOn: Background Music

By Certified Code
Choose from 50+ curated tracks, or add your own
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From $6.00 / month

SoundsOn: Background Music overview

    Instant Soundscape: Add our widget to any website, and instantly transform it with calming music or energizing beats. No coding needed, just drag, drop, and enjoy
    Curated Melody: Immerse yourself in our diverse library of 50+ hand-picked tracks, designed to match any mood or theme. From peaceful piano to upbeat pop, we have the perfect sound
    Express Yourself: Upload your own music and create unique, personalized soundscapes that reflect your brand or vibe. Make your website truly your own
Tired of generic website silence? SoundsOn lets you add a music widget to any webpage, instantly transforming it with the perfect ambiance. Choose from our diverse library of 50+ curated tracks, from calming piano to energizing beats, or upload your own music for a truly personalized touch. Drag, drop, and enjoy effortless audio magic that reflects your brand and engages your visitors. Let SoundsOn turn any website into a captivating soundscape.
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