Tips for Creating Effective Calls To Action

November 24th 2011 | Online Advertising
The average visitor spends 10 seconds on a new website. Follow these great tips...

Prepare Your Online Shop For Cyber Monday

November 22nd 2011 | Online Advertising
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Get your Site Featured on’s Fan Page!

July 26th 2011 | Online Advertising
Submit your site to the "My Wix Rocks" gallery, ask your friends to vote...

Beginners’ Mini Facebook Ads Guide

May 3rd 2011 | Online Advertising
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A Musician’s Guide to Facebook

April 21st 2011 | Online Advertising
Remember the time when your band could gain a mass following from a simple...
Facebook Fan Pages Design with a New Wix App!

Wix Revolutionizes Facebook Fan Pages Design with a New App!

March 24th 2011 | Online Advertising's new Facebook App allows users to add beautiful websites to their Facebook fan...
Promote your website online

ROI is King

February 24th 2011 | Online Advertising
Delving into the secrets of ROI, this post shows how following one simple formula...
PPC for Beginners - Target your customers

PPC for Beginners: Basic Guide for Pay-Per-Click Advertising

December 29th 2010 | Online Advertising
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Facebook's Big Picture Blessing or Curse Photo By naixn

Facebook’s Big Picture: Blessing or Curse?

November 7th 2010 | Online Advertising
Facebook announced the beginning of a month-long release of its new photography functions. The...
Free Facebook Ad Design

Get Wix Studio to Design Your Facebook AD for FREE!

July 19th 2010 | Online Advertising
Yes, free as a bird