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See our global events in photos

Check out some highlights from our most recent in-person events. 

Studio launch | Sep 11-29

Images showcase the exclusive 14-day Wix Studio launch event in London that brought together local Wix web creators by invitation only and Wix Studio team members. Each day kicked off with a welcome breakfast, followed by in-person Studio onboarding sessions and dev and design workshops. To wrap up the day, everyone gathered to connect and hang out at the happy hour. Follow-up-Fridays included 1:1 guidance sessions with the Wix Studio team, concluding each week. An exclusive and intimate event featured a Q&A session with Wix's CEO, Avishai Abrahami, and Head of Wix Studio, Gali Erez, for a select group of local Wix web creators. Afterwards, everyone had the chance to chat, connect, and network.

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