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How Wix ADI elevates website creation for everyone

illustration of Wix ADI, wix's ai-powered website builder

Artificial intelligence (AI) has transformed website design, breaking the barriers of what was once thought possible. These days, almost anyone can learn how to make a website while barely lifting a finger. And in a world where 75% of users judge a website’s credibility based on its design, more and more businesses can rely on AI-enabled tools to create professional-looking sites.

Wix, for example, provides a versatile platform. You can start with a blank canvas, work with website templates and/or tap into Wix’s Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI). With Wix ADI, you can instantly create a site that’s fully customized to your business without compromising on quality, style or originality.

Ready to create your site using Wix ADI? Sign up with Wix today and take our website builder for a spin.

Coming soon: Wix AI Website Builder

We’re excited to announce that we will soon be launching Wix AI Website Builder an even more powerful way to create a site that’s tailor-made for you. Learn more about our ever-evolving AI capabilities in this letter from our CEO, Avishai Abrahami.

How to access Wix ADI

If you’re new to Wix, go to and select “Get Started.” This will guide you through a few setup questions then drop you into your account, where you can click “Design Site.” From here, you can choose whether to let Wix build a site for you, or build the site yourself using a design template. Select the first option.

If you already have a Wix account, log into your account and click “ + Create New Site,” which can be found either in the top-left corner of your site dashboard, or top-right corner of your “My Sites” page. You’ll be asked whether you want to continue with the classic Wix Editor or Editor X (an advanced tool for agencies and freelancers). Click the classic Wix Editor, then follow the prompts asking about your website goals and required features. When you arrive at the screen for setting up your website, click the option “Get a custom-built site.” This will lead you to Wix ADI.

How Wix ADI works

While we’ve designed Wix ADI to be so user-friendly that it doesn't require a how-to guide, the below steps can give you a glimpse at how it works.

01. Create your Wix profile

As a first step, Wix will request essential business information, including your logo, social accounts and, if applicable, a physical address.

02. Select your design preferences

Wix will ask you for your design preferences. You’ll pick a color and font theme and receive potential homepage designs in return. At that point, you can scroll through the options and simply select the one that best fits your style. Afterwards, you can select other web pages (such as an “About Us” page, FAQs page and more) to include on your site. These options will vary in design, content and image, but all will fit your business needs, whether you're starting your business or are already established.

Wix ADI design themes

03. Customize your site

In just a matter of seconds, the ADI will generate a fully developed site in the editor, complete with AI-generated writing and visuals. From this point onward, you'll experience what truly sets Wix apart from other AI website builders: the extensive customization options and AI tools that accompany you throughout the entire process of building and managing your online business. You can add pre-built sections to existing pages or personally add and edit content on your site. Moreover, you can choose different color palettes and font pairings that align more effectively with your brand. Wix ADI effortlessly ensures consistency throughout your website design by handling the reformatting tasks.

Why use Wix ADI?

For starters, Wix ADI is an incumbent in the AI space. “Is AI a disruption in the website industry?,” our CEO, Avishai Abrahami, recently wrote. “Yes it is, and we are such great believers in the technology, that we launched our first AI website creator back in 2016, Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence).”

Today, Wix ADI gives every Wix user the option of creating a website in mere minutes by simply providing some upfront information about what your site should include. Wix ADI also offers the below advantages.

It has a variety of AI features

One of the key advantages of Wix ADI is that it isn’t a one-trick pony. Beyond creating professional-looking websites, "Wix ADI offers smarter AI tools deeper down in the journey, like personal recommendations and business growth tools,” says Yarden Geffen, a product marketing manager at Wix. “A lot of the AI website builders we see right now in the market don't give you this added value."

Wix ADI specifically provides a variety of tools for managing and growing a business—be it for eCommerce (think: an AI product description generator), blogging (think: an AI text creator), branding (think: an AI logo generator) and more.

It’s a mature, highly-developed tool

As mentioned earlier, Wix has been a pioneer in the AI market since 2016 and continues to develop innovative AI solutions (see how does AI work or the different types of AI).

“We take our decades’ worth of knowledge in site creation and combine it with GenAI to build a solution that’s more reliable and smarter than others on the market,” says Geffen. ADI is not only designed to save you time with website development, but to also protect your creative freedom in the process. This leads us to our next point…

It’s highly customizable

Wix ADI distinguishes itself from other AI website builders by offering extensive options for customization. “You don't have a lot of options for customization with other builders,” says Geffen. “There’s a repetitiveness in website templates. They’re very basic."

Alternatively, Wix provides you with a starting point, then allows you to customize the layout, design and branding at will. You get the best of both worlds: an AI-powered foundation, but the flexibility to personalize your website.

Great ADI website examples

To give you a feel for what ADI produces, we’ve hand-picked some great ADI websites along with explanations about what makes them special. As you think about creating your own website, draw some inspiration from these selected sites.

This business website strategically displays its beautiful guitar creations above the fold using a professional image slider to immerse visitors in the experience. The images help the visitor sense what they can purchase straight away. It also has a navigation menu that clearly explains the various pages.

Curtainsmith Guitars website made with Wix ADI

This racing site engages visitors right away with the brand’s bold black and white video on the first fold. As you scroll down the page, you’ll notice parallax scrolling, a technique that makes the background move at a different speed than the text. Although these design features seem advanced, you can implement them with Wix ADI.

Molloy Fletcher Racing website made with Wix ADI

This beautiful and practical restaurant site provides the visitor with all the essential information directly on the homepage. The eatery shows you its top menu items, lets you book a table, explains how to get there and displays its business hours without you clicking elsewhere. The site also employs an Ascend by Wix chat box, in line with today’s best customer service practices.

Bowden Scott Barnhart website made with Wix ADI

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