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Social media optimization: How to skyrocket your Facebook content

Social Media Optimization: How to Skyrocket Your Facebook Content

Facebook is a powerful tool. With more than 1,860,000,000 monthly active users, you need to address this social network like a place that’s giving away free donuts – somewhere you have to be. Whether your business offers financial consulting, handmade jewelry for dogs or even figurines made out of lettuce, there’s no argument over the importance of strengthening your business’s online presence and promoting your brand through Facebook.

The first step you’ll have to take is to create a website for displaying the marvelous qualities of your business. The second one is setting up a Facebook page as a social media marketing asset. Now, all you need to do is fill both of them with great content exciting and captivating (imagine them as a cyber burrito). While your Facebook page sometimes serves similar purposes to your website’s mission, it’s important to optimize social media content and create unique and original ideas for your followers.

Tip: Choose from one of these url shorteners to get the best links for your potentially viral content. You can also consider learning more about advertising on Facebook to give your content an initial boost - terms like Facebook pixels are an important part of this.

Give ‘em everything you’ve got – offer various forms of content

The world has changed. Soon, grandparents will be telling their grandchildren about the times when they were restricted to posting status updates in the form of “John Doe is ____.” Facebook’s current platform offers a diverse and interactive experience, one that enables you to reach your target audience in various ways. Your followers will get bored if you’ll only publish written posts. On the other hand, sticking to photos or videos exclusively won’t crown you king of social media.

The types of content you’re providing are supposed to hook your readers. No one’s expecting captions with Stephen King-like qualities, but at least try to make each visit to your page an unwrapping of a humble present. That’s why when you’re thinking about a new post, design it in an interesting and surprising way. Look at your profile from a weekly and monthly perspective and make sure you’re using any type of media at your disposal. Do a social media audit and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Have you posted too many photos lately?

  • When was to last time you published a cool video?

  • Is it time to improve your GIF game?

  • Are you making the best of the amazing Facebook Live tool?

  • Do you use the background color option?

  • Did you make your followers’ head spin with a 360 video or an image?

If you survived this recent aggressive question bombing, now is the time to go through them again, and ensure you’re using the full spectrum of content types for your Facebook page.

Bonus Round: After finishing your Ph.D. in Facebook Arts, don’t forget the importance of using the cool enhancements Facebook offers to diversify your content. Emojis, check-ins, feelings and of course, those infamous hashtags add great value.

Facebook content optimization - offer diverse content in all forms

Warm up the vocal cords – choose your voice

When people fill in their personal profile, they usually develop a unique voice. We understand the general style of content we can expect from our aunt, the bully from junior high school who’s now really into football or that weird guy from work that has a thing with lizards. It gets a bit more complicated when you’re dealing with a business page because one of your main goals is to reach new audiences and get more people to know and Like your page. All the while, it’s important to maintain a unique style that will characterize your content – a voice that followers will recognize in every campaign, caption or video.

It’s important to maintain a unique style that will characterize your content – a voice that followers will recognize in every campaign, caption or video.

The first step is to decide on a “tone” for your writing – you can be funny and playful, sarcastic and witty or just informative. No matter which option you’ll choose, consistency is the name of the game – don’t pull a Jekyll and Hyde on your readers. Additionally, your distinguished style should apply to all types of media that are on your page. Crossing between artistic black and white images to low-tech photos of your office shenanigans won’t do any good for your channel in most cases. Remember, these rules apply to every kind of content you publish.

Pro Tip: No matter which voice you choose, never forget your call to actions. Between all the modern marketing methods, this move might seem a bit old fashioned, but you wouldn’t believe how important it is. Just add a “tag your friend,” “check out this __,” or “tell us what you think in the comments” and be amazed by the power of a CTA.

Facebook content optimization - Choose your voice

Don’t fall for the brand illusion – know your goals

After you’ve defined your business’s personality, it’s time to ensure that your content will serve your brand’s objectives. Decide if you want to build up your reputation, promote a new product, reach new audiences or maybe give your customers a new way to engage and contact your company. Additionally, don’t forget about the small things – change your Facebook page’s URL so it will include your brand’s name and not random numbers, consider watermarking original photos and videos you think might go viral, fill in all the details of your profile and Like pages of business partners or other branches of your company.

With your social media voice and brand’s objectives in mind, you’re ready to create content that fits your goals. Getting tons of Likes (or other reactions) is like drumming on your tummy – it can be fun and rewarding, but sometimes you ask yourself, “what’s the point?” It’s important to remember that as much as you want to post more photos of babies hugging cats, it won’t elevate your brand awareness if you’re selling cars. It’s all about the delicate balance between “hardcore” brand-related posts and fluffy content which will probably attract more social media engagement and attention. Want to check out a good example for that healthy balance? Visit Wix’s Facebook page. We optimize our social media content 24/7 (even while we drink our coffee) by sharing a variety of content, blog posts, Wix users’ creations and trending topics.

It’s all about the delicate balance between “hardcore” brand-related posts and fluffy content which will probably attract more engagement and attention.

Facebook offers you the opportunity to upgrade your customer service by providing fast, polite and most of the times public replies. Positioning yourself as a “Khaleesi brand” – easy to reach, kind and just, can really benefit your company.

Facebook content optimization - Know your goals

Keep your posts on a tight schedule – timing is the key

Posting on Facebook can sometimes be like slapstick comedy – timing is everything. Don’t write a post once a month and don’t bombard your followers with five posts an hour. Furthermore, think in advance about important dates you would like to celebrate or mention on your Facebook page. It can be an image in honor of a national holiday or a goofy video celebrating pizza milkshake day. There’s always a strange day happening out there in the cybersphere, allowing you to create fun and relevant content. Just compose a social calendar to ensure you’ll never miss a thing.

However, scheduling your posts isn’t just about those special dates. Scheduling posts is a vital part of managing a steady stream of content that will maximize the number of clicks, impressions or comments – whatever your brand is trying to achieve. It might sound trivial to most social media managers, but if you’re not using the Facebook scheduling tool (or any other external alternative), you’re just making your life harder for no reason. There’s no need to set an alarm clock for 3:00 AM in order to engage with followers from across the globe. Create your content in advance and clear your schedule for focusing on live events (and office pranks).

Facebook content optimization - Keep your posts on a tight schedule

Analyze and optimize

Another important part of our social media optimization guide involves the wonderful Facebook Insights tool, which allows you to monitor and analyze user interaction on your page. When it comes to scheduling decisions, like the ones mentioned in the previous paragraph, Insights provides clear data that will help you decide the best time of day and the best day of the week to post. Besides scheduling, Insights is a must-use tool for improving page performance. Every bit of information that is given is there for a reason, designated to sharpen your understanding of the activity on your page:

  • When are your followers engaging?

  • Where are your followers from?

  • Who are they? (age, gender)

  • What type of content are they’re engaging with?

  • How are they engaging with your content?

Once you start using Insights, all the above questions will be answered. This will allow you to optimize your content by choosing the types of posts that work best for your page, fine tuning your publishing schedule and tailoring your content to your followers’ characteristics. With this extra information in your back pocket, you’re guaranteed to boost your pace towards achieving your goals.

Facebook content optimization - Analyze and optimize


If you managed to get here, you’re officially a content master. But careful now, Facebook launches new features and products all year long and you must stay updated. Being the fresh prince of Facebook who knows all the latest tricks isn’t just about achieving a “cool” reputation for your page, but will also help you conquer the heart of Facebook’s algorithm. Facebook loves when people are using their new features and will treat your content like a favorite son if you’ll break the ice for their recent tool. And if you’re having trouble stimulating that creative and intuitive Facebook voice, try these exercises on writing for social media.

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