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10 Outstanding Women Photographers to Inspire You

two women like ying and yang

Who run the photography world? Equality!

Ever since the early 20th century, March 8th is known around the world as International Women’s Day - a day to celebrate females and highlight their achievements while raising awareness of their struggles. Photography is a clear example of the impact of this movement, with the number of female photographers increasing dramatically over the last century until achieving today’s nearly perfectly balanced ratio between male and female professionals in the industry.

Weddings, portraits, food, landscapes, wildlife, street, sports… women do it all! There isn’t a single photography style left untouched by the millions of women in the industry. Plus, it’s no surprise that their stunning photography websites are taking the Internet by storm. We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to commemorate this day by celebrating the stunning work of some of these outstanding female photographers.

Suzanne Moxhay: Art across centuries

Suzanne’s portfolio feels like entering a whole new world thanks to elaborate photomontages that combine elements from both her own photographs and an extensive archive of magazines and photographs dating as far back as the mid-20th century. In order to achieve these breathtaking results, Suzanne uses an age-old technique called matte painting, which was used in the early days of cinema to create the illusion of an environment that was not present at the filming location.

Suzanne’s work has been exhibited internationally and is held in numerous renowned collections, both public and private.

a photoshop image of forest inside an old house

Landscape with birds flying

Sarya Fark: Art in Nature

Sarya Fark is a biologist using photography as a tool to re-connect people with nature and wildlife with the hope to raise awareness of the threats looming over our fauna and flora. From the detailed macros that she beautifully refers to as “Art in Nature” to spectacular animals and landscapes across four continents, Sarya’s work successfully captures the boundless beauty of nature.


green river photo

Hilary O’Leary: A safari at your fingertips

Hilary O’Leary specializes in wildlife photography and photographic safaris. Like Sarya, Hilary sees photography as a tool to help endangered animals by raising awareness of the threats they are under. In order to do so, she captures the delicacy and playfulness of animals normally seen as tough and even scary. When she is not roaming the continent to photograph the beauty of its wildlife, Hilary shoots portraits, weddings, sport and music events, and not-so-wild animals such as horses.

Hilary has improved her portfolio’s business capabilities by using the Wix Art Store to sell large-scale fine prints of her photographs.

a lioness

black and white image of an elephant

Reiko Wakai: Fashion with a twist

Reiko Wakai brings a twist to the concept of fashion photography with a magistral use of color and light combined with the surprise-factor of working with acrobats, dancers, or transgender models on her photo shoots. The result of this mixture promises not to leave anyone indifferent. While most of her portfolio is composed of fashion shots, she also captures beautiful landscapes that use human figures to create an impactful statement on how small we are in comparison to nature.

You may remember Reiko as the winner of the Wix Photography contest Capture Your Dream Photo, which led to an out-of-this-world photo shoot in zero-gravity with international model Stav Strashko.

A fashion model with stuff on her head

fashion model in zero gravity

Sharon Radisch: Minimalist beauty

Sharon Radisch is the perfect portrayal of “less is more” - from her images to her website, everything surrounding her photography radiates simplicity and elegance. Fashion accessories, food, interior, and travel are the main styles presented in her portfolio - but her work also touches upon landscapes, portraits, and street photography. Sharon’s photographs have been commissioned by a long list of renowned beauty, accessories, and hospitality brands, and featured in some of the world’s most popular publications, including The New York Times, Condé Nast Traveler, and Vanity Fair Collection Travel.

Sharon has taken her online presence a step further by starting her own Wix Blog. On this second site, named en ville, Sharon shares her personal experiences in the diverse projects she works on and publishes a more extensive selection of photographs from each of them.

woman on the beach from the back

sea view from a hotel

Victoria Kuzilova: Young, innocent, and free

Victoria Kuzilova (or should we say the child whisperer?) has a unique talent for capturing toddlers and young children’s innocence. Her images transcend the screen to transmit that extraordinary view of the world that fades away as we grow older. At the beach or in the snow, including only children or all kinds of animals, one can’t help but smile at Victoria’s photographs.

While children make up most of her portfolio, Victoria also shoots wonderful portraits of adults and families and even captures some landscapes and animals here and there.

cute little girl at the beach

cute boy holding a cat

Juliette Jourdain: The girl with a thousand faces

Juliette Jourdain creates powerful portraits that teeter between fantasy and elegance. Influenced by cinema and with a preference for female models, is sure to grab anyone's attention. Her self-portrait series shows just how talented and creative she is, as every photograph depicts a whole different individual. Despite her young age (27), Juliette has already received diverse awards for her work and has been featured in exhibitions and magazines.

Make sure to read our interview with Juliette Jourdain to learn more about the young artist behind the wigs and glitter.

woman with large pink wig

three women leaning against the wall

Allyson Riggs: Behind the screen

Allyson Riggs is a still photographer who has worked in diverse well-known projects with Netflix, TNT, NBC, and Gillette - among others. “Wait? A what photographer? Aren’t all photographs still?” Well, yes, they are, but the term ‘still photographer’ actually refers to the person who creates the photographic images aimed for marketing and publicity of films and television productions.

Having her photographs featured in magazines and billboards, she is now working on two personal collections. One focused on capturing the living conditions and styles of young adults, and the other is about quiet nature of Eureka, California.

Allyson wins bonus points for her exclusive behind the scenes sneak peeks of popular television shows and ads!

Actress looking from a car window

Actors on a TV show

Anaïs Bizet: Love is all you need

Anaïs Bizet is a wedding photographer who also photographs couples and family portraits. She describes human relationships as one of the most important things for her, which is shown by the delicate way that she captures her subjects’ emotions. In addition to photographing human relationships - or stories, as she refers to them on her website - Anaïs photographs architecture and food projects, as well as a travel series.

two little girls dancing

cute little baby

Ramona Bach: Not only humans

Ramona Bach is primarily a portrait photographer, but she also photographs weddings, landscapes, and interiors. Her portraits don’t discriminate by style, age, gender, or species - resulting in an extensive portfolio ranging from models underwater to cats in the snow, also including newborns and fashion photo shoots. Her main source of inspiration, she says, is her love for animals and nature - which is probably the reason why elements of nature are part of almost all of her photographs.

yawning cat

fashion model in a pool

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