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Showcases \ Mar 19th 2018

Let it Bloom: 15 Beautiful Spring Pictures to Welcome the Season

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who love spring and those who have allergies. But even us allergy sufferers can’t deny the beauty of this season. Days get longer and warmer, flowers bloom, animals come out to play, and basically everyone just seems much happier after the cold winter. Most importantly, all these things add up to an infinite number of great opportunities to capture wonderful spring pictures to knock your photography website visitors off their feet.

We want to welcome the season with a selection of 15 stunning spring photos taken by Wix users that will make your inspiration bloom (see what I did there?). Whether you prefer flora or fauna, birds or bees, landscape or macro – these images will not leave you indifferent. Sit down, relax, and savor all that spring has to offer.

Adrian Schmid: Bird chirping weather

Unless they sit by your window to serenade you as the sun goes up while you’re trying to sleep, birds singing is a synonym of happiness and calm. Otherwise, why would there be so many soundtracks of the sound and people with customized t-shirts and cups that read ‘I love bird chirping weather’? Adrian does a great job of capturing both of these feelings with beautiful compositions of bright-colored birds and spring-green foliage, taken just at the right time.

Adrian’s outstanding nature photographs are not limited to birds, with his portfolio expanding from vast mountain landscapes and panoramas to detailed macro insect shots.

a little bird standing on moss two blue birds on a branch two colorful birds sitting at the edge of a branch

Jorge Ruiz Dueso: Colors of spring

Jorge’s fascinating spring pictures remind us that this season’s color palette goes far beyond greens and yellows. From gray skies on rainy days to purple lavender fields and violet sunsets, his exceptional use of long exposure to capture landscapes will make you wish you could spend the next three months outdoors.

In addition to natural landscapes, Jorge also shoots urban landscapes and portraits. They too stand out because of their extraordinary use of color, contrast, and exposure.

lavender fields at sunset the sea reaches the cliffs and the lighthouse moss covers the rocks at sunset

Vincent Beaubien: Millimetric beauty

These images might represent your least favorite spring photography subjects, but without insects and spiders there would be no spring as we know it. All sorts of fruits and vegetables are pollinated by bees, and spiders do a great job of keeping pests at bay! Honestly, you won’t be able to look at these animals the same way after you see Vincent’s stunning photos.

In addition to these wonderful close-up captures, Vincent’s portfolio offers a beautiful look into nature with a combination of landscapes across all seasons, beautiful flower shots, animal portraits, and short clips. His work expands far beyond nature with a selection of street, portrait, and wedding photography.

bees flying by the entrance of a plastic beehive a little spider weaving its web a bee on a glass

Kyra Melinda: Flower power

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about spring pictures? Chances are it’s flowers. After all, who could ignore those brightly colored fields that might even seem unreal? Kyra’s portfolio includes gorgeous close-up shots of blossoming fields, capturing the beauty of each flower with detailed close-up shots that will make you feel like you can actually smell their scent. The delicacy of these photographs is found in the rest of Kyra’s work, which includes beautiful beach and street scenes, as well as a unique series dedicated to doors.

Kyra has chosen to create a blog to offer a deeper look into her work and the stories behind some of her images, as well as some gear and shooting tips that you won’t want to miss!

violet flowers on the tall grass dandelion seen from above closeup of a sunflower

Edgar Hempen: Into the Wild

Edgar shows us the wilder side of spring photography, one that not all of us are fortunate enough to experience. With the arrival of warm weather, animals who spend winter hibernating wake up from a long-period of deep sleep, and those who did not go for a long nap come out to enjoy the growing abundance of food. Wolves, deer, bears, penguins, seals, foxes, elks, walruses… Edgar has taken stunning portraits of dozens of species of all sizes and shapes.

His portfolio also includes both l color and black & white landscapes across Iceland, Norway, Denmark, Scotland, and Ireland; and even some portrait and fashion photo shoots.

a brown wolf facing the camera a brown bear on the river profile portrait of a deer

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Judit Ruiz Ricart
By Judit Ruiz Ricart
Photography Expert for the Wix Blog & Social Media Team

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