8 Video and Photo Website Templates That Will Wow Your Clients

Ready to take your photobiz online and create a photography website? Or maybe you feel that your current one could use a makeover? Either way, you’ve reached the right place. It is no news that with Wix you can easily create a beautiful and personalized website, just the way you wanted, all by yourself. What’s new is the collection of freshly baked templates that were just delivered to your online doorstep by the Wix Studio.

Photographers and videographers – as visual storytellers, you want to showcase the best of your work in the most beautiful, efficient and engaging way. Your goal is to touch the random website visitor with your art, crossing the invisible border between the online and offline. That is exactly what our web designers had in mind when creating these templates while following the latest web design trends of 2018. Browse this collection of new photography and videography website templates, and find the one that will make your art gain the spotlight it truly deserves:   

Photography templates

Focusing on photographers, these templates have everything a shutterbug can ask for:

  • Wix Pro Gallery showcases your images in the best quality on all devices while giving you full control over every detail, including sharing and downloading settings.

  • Wix Art Store gives you the option to sell your images in both digital and printable formats. The best part? No hassle and no commission.

  • Wix Photo Albums enable you to share photos with your clients in a breeze.

Art Photographer

Did you know that asymmetry, minimalism, subtle motion and authenticity are some of the major trends that are shaping photography websites in 2018? The Art Photographer template brings them all to life in one nonchalant design. Simple to the eye, informative for the mind, it uses the smallest amount of text possible to captivate a conceptual photographer’s target audience: images first, info and prints – second.

Landscape Photography

Is landscape photography a synonym for horizontal images? Not necessarily, especially in our social media and smartphone-dominated world. The Landscape Photography template uses the undeniable power of a full-screen photo background to mesmerize website visitors at first sight. A short scroll downwards invites the viewer to savor more landscape beauty in its vertical form. A delicate menu at the top left invites the user to explore your work further by paying a visit to your portfolio, bio, and store.

Architecture Photography

Did someone say “bold minimalism”? Cause we’re pretty sure we heard these words spoken just by looking at this template. As you’d expect from this form of visual art, the sleek Architecture Photography template is as thought through as it gets. The quiet website title does everything but take over. The menu is cleverly hidden under a drop-down menu icon (also referred to as a “hamburger menu icon” – true story). Every element sets the stage for the main act – the striking images. The social icons panel at the bottom may look small, but thanks to the contrast, is in fact highly visible.

Real Estate Photography

How to make a photography portfolio truly engaging? By summoning the winning trio of images, text, and video. Combining the three in one grid captures attention immediately, as the common eye is thirsty to read the short text and eager to follow the moving image. The Real Estate Photography template is the definition of practicality: clear and concise texts, attention-grabbing contrast, and a highly informative menu and content provide your clients with every piece of detail they need to know before hiring your services.

Videography templates

In their professional lives, photographers and videographers share a lot of in common: both use cameras, work with lighting, framing and composition, and create a visually appealing output. But when it comes to showcasing their work online, the website requirements they look for differ slightly. A videographer needs to have a comfortable solution to display all their videos in one place (without uploading them all over again), allow for channel subscriptions and monetize their videos without a commission.

Wix Video brings all these features together (and more), turning your website into the heart of your videography brand online.


You’re a visual storyteller, but the story the Filmography template helps you tell is all about your professional background. Organized neatly on a timeline, every milestone in your career is accompanied by a short trailer and a textual description. Anchor links make the perfect navigation system for a long scrolling website with a story. Note that as viewers are browsing through your timeline, the vertical social icons bar is fixed on the left and thus is visible at any point. Once visitors scroll down, they can easily contact you or subscribe to receive news about future projects.

Movie Site

If movie posters were interactive, they would entertain curious viewers with a trailer, highlight a large selection of positive reviews, show the next screenings in your area and even gain followers by subscribing to a mailing list. Wait, that’s exactly what the Movie Site template does! With a cool parallax effect in the background, this template is bound to bring attention to the movie you’ve been working so hard to complete.

Music Video Director

This hypnotizing piece will fascinate your website visitors as much as your music videos do. The Music Video Director template is a short one-pager smartly packed with the content that will land you your next gig. Prepare a compelling video background that will make people want to click “Watch showreel” and your work here is nearly done.


Is your video content all about…. You? Get ready to become BFF’s with the Vlogger template. In spite of being a light, long scrolling single-pager, it makes your persona the center of attention. Your latest videos, Instagram feed, and personal story are all here to conquer your viewers’ hearts and turn them into avid followers.

By Julia Ronen

Creative Content Developer for Wix Expert Communities

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