Travel Photography: 27 Breathtaking Pictures to Feed Your Wanderlust

“To stay is to exist. But to travel is to live”, once said by the French poet Gustave Nadaud. The 9 photographers you’ll discover in this showcase clearly understood this very well. Wanting to live their life to the fullest, they left their comfort zones and hit the road. Destination: The unknown. From West Bengal to the Upper West Side, they went around the globe and came back with the most beautiful fragments of their journeys engraved in their films. After publishing them on their Wix photography website, they share these pictures with us today.

There, we’ll say no more. We’d rather let you look for yourself. Whether you’re taking an office break, commuting in a crowded bus, or just chilling on your sofa, this sample of the best of travel photography will take you to a short – but very much needed – retreat in dreamland. Enjoy!

Diving into Oceania’s lush vegetation, by David Rochas

Lost somewhere between down and under, Australia and New Zealand certainly deserve the (tedious) hours of flight to reach them. Not convinced enough? Check out the breathtaking travel photos brought to you by David Rochas. Worked in a masterly fashion, each picture enhances a specific shade: the green of the wild bushes, the gold of the desert or the matte black of the pebbles sleeping in the ocean. A true symphony of color.

Those tiny tanned humans, by Joshua Jensen-Nagle

Hiking? Too exhausting. Car? Too polluting. Train? Too confined. When Joshua Jensen-Nagle travels, it’s by helicopter. This acclaimed Canadian photographer wanted to show the world through the unusual angle of the bird’s eye view, the busiest beaches. His large-scale and romantic European vistas were covered in a bunch of prestigious outlets and exhibitions. Yet, the brightness of the colours and the freshness of the waters shouldn’t fool you: the overall feeling is a nostalgic, and somehow disturbing one. Just like when looking at a Bruegel painting or a Where’s Wally? picture, we can’t help but wonder: is there such a thing as individuality?

The volcano and the Milky Way, by Albert Dros

When it comes to travels, there are two kinds of people: those who put a couple of t-shirts in their bag before heading to the airport (8 minutes before boarding); and those who plan every second of their trip like a presidential tour. There is no doubt that Albert Dros belongs to the last category. Well, if you’re a travel photographer who wants to capture an erupting volcano just in front of the Milky Way, you will have some preparation to do. From calling the weather station every day, to checking the volcano activity, to booking a 30 hour plane trip: nothing was left to chance. Nothing but the result, whose beauty exceeded any possible expectation…

The faces of the world, by Gaelle Lunven

No need to be Dr. House to tell that Gaelle Lunven has a serious travel addiction. India, Chili or Yemen… The young photographer regularly heads to the other side of the world, with her only companions being: camera and lenses. The landscapes, people and fauna may change, but the signature remains. And what a signature it is! We are struck by the quality of the portraits she takes of ordinary individuals she meets. She gives them a distinct shade of enchantment, gravity and grace. Almost like in a movie.

With my own two feet, by Nikk La

Nikk is not only a Wix photographer. He’s also one of the winners of the super prestigious Wix/Condé Nast photography contest of 2016. He started travel photography to document and show the wonders of the world to his family and friends. A humble approach that is not short of boldness. This young fellow will go everywhere his feet can possibly take him, no matter how high, crazy or crazy high the spot is.

The aquatic life, by Pierik Falco

Pierik Falco could easily be named as the Permanent Representative to the United Nations. Italy, Mongolia, Ecuador… Few countries are not  on the list of this compulsive traveler. Comfortable in every environment, this travel photographer has an obvious fondness for marine landscapes and anything involving water. Maybe a remnant of his PhD in Hydrogeology, that this professor of physics completed while traveling our big blue planet?

Splashes of color, by Remy Brand

“Beauty is intensified, and perhaps only exists, by reason of contrast”, wrote the painter Walter J. Philips. The demonstration of this daring theory is brought to life by Remy Brand’s sumptuous photos of the Arctic. The fur of a fox, the coat of the adventurers or the rays of the sun: on the white canvas offered by the endless snow, every drop of colour spatters like a splash of life.

Into the wild, by Martin Erwann

Iceland might really be the number one destination for travel photography nowadays. It could be the fault of its much lusted green lights. Or it could be the surprising hot geysers. Or its untouched landscapes. Or a bit of all these reasons. But not everyone succeeds in capturing the wild beauty of this country like Martin did. There are no frills here only a magnificent landscape, served by a great photographer.

Time travel, by Roberto Vamos

Roberto Vamos operates as an expert in Environmental Policies for different NGOs and schools. He is also an accomplished photographer, who mastered the black and white technique like very few others are able to. His bichromatic shots of the countries he visited are so sophisticated they look like ancient etchings. Vamos’ photographs happen when space travel meet time travel.

By Jonathan Sitbon

Editor-in-Chief of the Wix Blogs

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