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15 best photography podcasts to listen to in 2024

15 Best Photography Podcasts to Listen to in 2024

In the age of technology and short attention spans, podcasts are rising as a huge source of knowledge and entertainment. Unlike books and films, this type of media requires a much lower commitment as it can be enjoyed while doing other activities like driving or running. This makes podcasts much more accessible, even if they don’t offer as much content as other mediums. It’s a bit like having a beautiful professional photography website for showcasing your work, but using social media for everyday networking.

There are now well over 800,000 active podcasts available worldwide, with hundreds of thousands of new ones being launched every year. In the United States alone, 62 million people listen to podcasts every week. With such tremendous numbers, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when trying to find the best photography podcast to listen to. This is why we’ve put together a handpicked selection of the greatest podcasts in the industry.

The 15 best photography podcasts to listen to in 2024:

  1. This Week In Photo

  2. The Candid Frame

  3. PetaPixel Photography Podcast

  4. The Business of Photography

  5. The Digital Story

  6. Six Figure Photography

  7. FroKnowsPhoto

  8. The Martin Bailey Photography Podcast

  9. The Art of Photography

  10. Photobomb

  11. On Taking Pictures

  12. Tips from the Top Floor

  13. The Beginner Photography Podcast

  14. Photobiz Xposed

  15. Hit The Streets with Valerie Jardin

01. This Week In Photo

Commonly known as TWiP, This Week in Photo is a weekly roundtable discussion of the biggest events and developments in the photography industry. Despite what its name may suggest, this photography podcast does not focus simply on the latest news, but also offers interviews with renowned photographers and companies, as well as general discussions on photography matters.

TWiP was first launched in 2008, making it one of the longest-running and most well-known photography podcasts available. Among its most recent episodes, you’ll find anything from reviews on gear and photography books to talks about climate change and storytelling in photography.

This Week In Photo best photography podcast

02. The Candid Frame

Unlike most other photography podcasts, The Candid Frame revolves primarily around interviews with photographers. Ibarionex Perello, the host, invites renowned figures in the industry as well as emerging talent to discuss their work and deep dive into their photography inspiration and thought process.

As a result, this photography podcast has little to do with sharing tips on how to shoot wedding or portrait photography, but instead offers a philosophical and intimate perspective of the photography world as a whole.

03. PetaPixel Photography Podcast

You are probably familiar with PetaPixel’s blog, but did you know that they also host a photography podcast twice a week? Much like their written content platform, the PetaPixel Photography Podcast offers a mix of industry news, humor, opinions, photography tips and gear reviews.

The show is hosted by Mike James, a passionate retired newspaper photographer and magazine editor whose work has been featured on TIME magazine and Reader’s Digest. You can even submit questions and have James answer them in future episodes.

04. Business of Photography

Business of Photography is the perfect podcast for those who started in this discipline as a hobby and later realized that they would have to become business owners in order to develop a successful photography career. Through a combination of interviews and roundtable talks, this photography podcast is a perfect source of information for everything business.

Niagara-based wedding photographer Bryan Caporicci uses his own professional experience to share valuable business-focused tips and ideas. These include anything from writing a business plan to marketing strategies, doing taxes and managing client relationships.

05. The Digital Story

As its podcast name suggests, The Digital Story’s narrative style may have more in common with photography movies than with the average podcast. Host Derrick Story takes a personal approach by narrating his own research, rather than interviewing guests on a regular basis.

This photography podcast is a great source of travel photography tips and inspiration, as Derrick himself specializes in low-footprint travel projects. The show also offers practical tips on other types of photography, and discusses current industry events every now and then. The episodes are around 30 minutes on average, and normally touch upon diverse subjects, as opposed to focusing on a single story.

The Digital Story photography podcast

06. Six Figure Photography

Award-winning wedding photographer and educator Ben Hartley shares his photography business expertise on Six Figure Photography. This photography podcast touches upon all the factors that go into building a successful business, from coming up with photography marketing ideas to promoting your services on social media platforms.

The name of the podcast refers to Hartley’s own professional experience, as he grew his self-taught photography services into a six-figure business in just two years. In addition to sharing his own thoughts and advice, he also regularly invites other photographers to the show, in order to interview them and get different points of view on the industry.

07. FroKnowsPhoto

Jared Polin, who you may know as FroKnowsPhoto, has been sharing his photography expertise on the internet for nearly a decade. He is well-known as one of the best sources of educational content in the industry, as well as for the rash, straight-forward way in which he shares his views.

Whether you’re trying to start a photography business or are wondering what type of camera is best for you, this photography podcast will probably have an episode about just that. With each episode being around 20 minutes long, these bite-sized clips might just be the perfect companion for your commute.

FroKnowsPhoto photography podcast

08. The Martin Bailey Photography Podcast

Another of the longest-running photography podcasts in this list is brought to us by Tokyo-based photographer Martin Bailey. Having started in 2005, there are few topics that The Martin Bailey Photography Podcast has not covered to date. Here, you’ll be able to find anything from creative photography ideas to gear reviews and actionable photography tips.

Martin specializes in nature and wildlife photography, but his photography podcast touches upon many other topics and genres, both from a technical and an inspirational point of view. He also conducts guest interviews for listeners to learn from experts in different fields.

09. The Art of Photography

With just under two years on air, The Art of Photography’s show has rapidly gained a spot among the best photography podcasts available today. Under the name Off Camera, Ted Forbes and Jaron Schneider talk about the latest gear in the market and industry events in a fun, approachable way.

The podcast does not have a defined posting schedule, with the time between episodes ranging anywhere from a week to a month. However, with each episode being a little over an hour long, you’ll easily keep busy while waiting for a new edition.

The Art of Photography podcast off camera

10. Photobomb

As the name Photobomb may have given away, this photography podcast hosted by Booray Perry and Garu Hughes offers a fun, humorous look into all things photography. Those who enjoy radio talk will certainly appreciate the way in which the show approaches topics such as gear reviews and photography trends.

Drawing from their professional experiences and conducting interviews with other professional photographers, the hosts are able to get a lot of valuable information and actionable tips across, while keeping an upbeat, bantering pace throughout the hour-long episodes.

11. On Taking Pictures

Deep dive into the world of photography by learning about it from a science, philosophy, and art perspective. Instead of focusing on current events and equipment launches, On Taking Pictures is about everything that goes behind a photograph. They offer invaluable information for photographers of all levels, from a unique angle.

While the show stopped sharing new content in mid-2018, they’re still widely considered one of the best photography podcasts to date, and an absolute must-listen. Plus, with 325 episodes ranging between one to two hours in length, On Taking Pictures will keep you busy for quite some time.

On Taking Pictures best photography podcast

12. Photography Tips from the Top Floor

Introducing one of the very first photography podcasts to ever hit the air: Photography Tips from the Top Floor. The show, which is about to air its 900th episode, has evolved beyond the limits of podcasts to become a strong photography-centric community.

The podcast’s host, Chris Marquardt, does not limit his interactions with the audience to sharing tips on subjects such as astrophotography or portraits. Instead, Tips from the Top Floor encourages listeners to participate in regular photography contests and share their questions for upcoming episodes.

13. The Beginner Photography Podcast

As you might have guessed, The Beginner Photography Podcast is primarily for newcomers in the field looking to improve their photography skills. Each episode on the show revolves around a certain photography genre or topic, as a professional in the field is interviewed and shares what they wish they had known when they first started their career.

The subjects discussed on this photography podcast vary from somewhat general themes such as underwater photography and tips to developing your photography skills, to niches such as photographing senior headshots and the Indianapolis 500.

14. Photobiz Xposed

On Photobiz Xposed, host Andrew Hellmich interviews professional photographers across many genres to reveal the secrets behind their success. Hellmich himself is the most-awarded wedding photographer in Central Coast Australia, so you can rest assured he walked the walk before talking the talk.

This photography podcast leaves no business-stone unturned. Each guest shares the tips, techniques, marketing secrets, and general advice they wish they had known as they strove to become a professional photographer. While full-version episodes of the podcast are only available with a monthly subscription fee, the free, shortened version will still give you a lot of valuable insights on how to manage your services and make money as a photographer.

15. Hit The Streets with Valerie Jardin

Valerié Jardin started her photography podcast adventure as a collaborator on This Week in Photo, hosting a spinoff of the show known as “Street Focus.” After that podcast stopped airing, she started her own show under the name Hit The Streets with Valerie Jardin.

Despite what its name might suggest, this photography podcast does not entirely revolve around street photography. You’ll actually be able to learn a lot about photography in general, as the show discusses aspects such as ethic codes, creativity sources, and storytelling practices.

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