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Introducing now what?: A new podcast from Wix

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With the overwhelming transformation brought about by the pandemic and the rapid shift toward remote work, entrepreneurs and creative leaders have learned that resilience alone isn’t sufficient; you need to evolve.

Here at Wix, we’re interested in the ways that business, design, development and agency leaders are responding to - and anticipating - change. Now What?, our new podcast, shares insights from industry leaders about how they’re dealing with a brand new business world. In each episode, you’ll hear from a different creative trailblazer about the evolution of their businesses, teams, and their own careers.

Our guests include:

  • Aarron Walter, Design Leader and Acting Director of Product for the US COVID Response at Resolve to Save Lives

  • Emily Heyward, Co-Founder and Chief Brand Officer at Red Antler, an agency that has helped shaped brands like All Birds and Casper

  • Joy Cho, Founder and Creative Director of the popular lifestyle brand Oh Joy!

How did these leaders change to meet the moment? How can you use these lessons to prepare for tomorrow’s ever-changing world? Learn all that and more on Now What? - the business podcast from Wix about technology and evolution.

Subscribe and follow the show to hear new episodes everywhere podcasts are heard. We’ll see you soon.

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