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Indie musicians who are killing it on social media

Indie Musicians Who Are Killing it on Social Media

Indie musicians are no strangers to self-promotion. The biggest hustlers in the music biz, most indie artists are already in tune with the importance of owning your online branding. A polished music website (learn how to create a music website) and verified Youtube page are staples for musicians who are serious about turning their bar gigs into a full-time job – but when it comes to self-promotion, no list is complete without a shout-out to social media.

The breeding ground for all things trending, the right social media strategy can turn even the most anonymous garage band into the next big thing. There’s more than one way to master your social media game, but we jotted down four of our favorite ways to stand out on the most popular spots on the internet.

The Discovery Act – Karmin

Stats: 1.6M Facebook fans / 297K Twitter followers / 228k Instagram followers / 1.5M YouTube subscribers

Before they were on the cover of Rolling Stone and performing everywhere from Ellen to SNL, Karmin was a dynamic duo whose music videos were just getting discovered on YouTube. Just like Justin Beiber and the Weeknd before them, Karmin proved that sometimes all it takes is one viral video to make it big!

The Crowd Pleaser – Pros & iCons

Stats: 1.8K Facebook fans / 12.5K Twitter follwers / 6K Instagram followers / 4.8K Youtube subscribers

Pros and iCons are a NYC based pop band that quickly learned that if they wanted attention in [arguably] the most talent-filled city in the world, their social media game needed to be on point! Their strategy: build a social media relationship with their fans. From asking fans to be a part of their latest music video, to playing fun games on their Instagram page, there’s no doubt these guys know how to work an online crowd!

The Soapbox – Chance the Rapper

Stats: 7.5K Facebook fans / 1.25M Twitter followers / 893K Instagram followers / 35M Youtube subscribers

Social media is all about having a conversation. It’s the ultimate forum where social justice movements are made, and ideas are ready to be expressed and (hopefully) accepted by anyone with decent internet access.

Chance the Rapper is known for his socially conscious tweet, which has made him one of the top musicians to watch on social media. Known as ‘The Voice of Chicago’, in 2014, he even orchestrated his own anti-gun violence rally in his hometown of Chicago – and of course he used Twitter to spread the word.

So Beautiful They Can’t Be Ignored – Grizzly Bear

Stats: 6.8K Facebook fans / 164K Twitter followers / 647k Instagram followers / 22M Youtube subscribers One of the best things about being a successful indie band is all the traveling you get to do, and all the beautiful pictures you can take along the way. Ed Droste, frontman for the band Grizzly Bear, never leaves the road without a camera. A talented photographer, he’s taken his camera skills to Instagram – earning him and his bandmates new followers that may not have discovered their new favorite band had it not been for those photo skills.

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