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How to share your website’s link on Facebook

share your website link on Facebook

After you build a website, what’s your business’ top priority? To earn a profit, expand, or save the world? Before you can turn those dreams into goals, you’ll have to take it one step back. To make any of your other priorities happen, you first need to be seen by the world. So, where’s the world hanging out? Over 2.2 billion of them are on Facebook actually. Since this social network seems to be a popular destination for marketing strategies, it’s time your business takes a trip to the Yellow Pages of the Internet. The most important thing you should do once you land is to share your website’s link there. Not only will this link help you gain more traffic to your website and exposure on a broader level, but it’s also free. Are you ready you boost your social media marketing efforts? Here’s how to share your website’s link on Facebook:

01. Post your link on your wall and News Feed

First of all, Facebook marketing is a powerful tool, and every website owner should create a Facebook Business Page in order to look professional, increase their exposure, and improve their reachability among potential site visitors. After doing that, a quick and simple way to get your website ‘out there’ is to create a standard post for your News Feed. In order to do this, you’ll want to paste your website’s URL in the post box. You can find the post box in your Facebook Business Page under ‘posts.’ Once you paste your URL, wait for a featured image of your website and title to appear. Only after the image appears you can delete the link. That will give you a cleaner, more engaging look.

On top of just sharing a link, a best practice is to add a few short lines of text to your post. Also known as a ‘caption,’ this text is used to sell your website by conveying information about why you’re sharing it with the world and how you plan to entice viewers to click the link. For example, you might say, ‘Want to learn how to design and bake the most beautiful cakes? Book a baking class with me via my website here: <insert link to site>.

02. Add your link to your profile

If you want your Facebook visitors to easily be able to access your website from your Facebook Business profile at all times, you can embed a clickable link. This is achievable in the ‘Contact’ part of the ‘Page Info’ section under your Business Page settings. And to link from your site back to your Facebook Page, consider adding a social bar to your website. This will allow for a two-way connection between both aspects of your online presence.

Tip: You can use a link in bio tool like Hopp by Wix in order to direct users to your website, social media and other online assets all from one designated URL.

03. Post your link in relevant groups

In order to do this, you’ll need to create a Facebook personal page, not a Facebook Business Page. Posting in groups is meant for regular users, not businesses. Therefore, this account should be associated with someone that works on your website, whether that’s you (the business owner), designer, social media expert, or anyone else affiliated with your biz.

Once you’ve created a regular, personal Facebook page, now you can consider this method of sharing your website’s link. It’s worthwhile if you’re looking for specific people to strategically target with your website, rather than a wide pool of people like the previous two methods. You should post in Facebook groups that match certain interests, as this is an opportunity to optimize your posts and reach the right crowds effectively. Groups are like target markets, where you get to choose who you want to see your site. For example, if you’re a baby sleep specialist, post in mom’s support groups or neighborhood school groups. Stick to posting in relevant groups to avoid coming off as ‘spammy.’

Posting in these groups is quite simple. First, go to the designated group that you want to post in. Here you’ll add your URL link the same way that you would create a regular post like step one. You should also include a short caption with your link explaining who you are, the benefits you can provide to the group, and what visitors will find on your site – thereby enticing readers to click on your link.

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