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How to make a tech logo

how to make a tech logo

You may be asking yourself “what is a logo” and why is it so important for a tech business? When you're building a brand, your logo is the foundation of your brand identity. It’s not just a symbol—it's a powerful tool that encapsulates your tech company's essence, values and forward-thinking vision.

In this article, we'll dive into how to design a logo for a tech business. We'll explore everything from the basics of what makes a great technology logo to the latest logo design tips, design trends and tools that can help you achieve a professional look. Whether you're a startup founder, a marketing professional, or simply someone with an interest in brand logo design, this guide is tailored for you.

Understanding the basics of tech logo design

Creating a tech logo goes beyond just a visually appealing design—it helps to create a brand identity. A tech logo serves as a visual shorthand for your company's brand, conveying your message and values at a glance. Let's break down what makes a tech logo effective and how it can influence your technology company branding:


The icons in your logo need to be relevant to your industry and capable of conveying the essence of your tech business without words. Check out the best tech startup logos for ideas.

Color palette

Each color has a psychological impact, which means selecting the right color palette is crucial for evoking the desired associations and emotions with your brand.


The font used in your logo can say a lot about your company. Whether you go for something bold and modern or sleek and futuristic, make sure it aligns with the image you want to project. For inspiration, be sure to check out our guide on best fonts for logos.

How to create a tech logo

A good tech logo requires high quality aesthetics and design elements in order to showcase professionalism. By understanding the key components that make up a great tech logo, you'll be well on your way to designing a symbol that truly represents your technology company. Here are the key elements to creating a logo for a tech business or brand.

01. Research and conceptualization

Whether you are a new start-up or a more established business, researching the tech industry and mapping out relevant trends, common symbols and competitor logos is an important part of the logo design process. Brainstorm ideas and concepts that reflect your brand's identity, values and target audience.

02. Pick a logo type

Decide on a tech logo design style that aligns with your brand. Maybe it's minimalist, modern, abstract, or geometric. You might think about incorporating elements like circuitry, computer parts, binary code or futuristic shapes to convey a tech theme. However, don't feel limited by these ideas and stay true to your brand values and identity. Think about which type of logo represents your brand most effectively.

03. Choose tech logo colors

Pick a logo color scheme that reflects your brand's personality. Whether it's energetic oranges or trustworthy blues, make sure your logo colors align with how you want your brand to be perceived. You can also explore different logo color combinations that help express your brand's messaging authentically.

04. Try out logo typography

The right font can make or break your logo. Opt for typography that complements your iconography and overall design aesthetic. Oftentimes, sans-serif fonts are used in tech logos for their clean and modern appearance.

05. Decide on icons or symbols

Choose icons that are unique and represent your tech business effectively. Avoid clichés and aim for something that will stand out in the crowded market of tech. 

06. Design your tech logo

Before you start sketching out your ideas, it's important to pick the right tools for the job— the most popular one being a logo maker. Try this Technology Logo Maker tool that caters to different needs and skill levels while taking into account the logo design cost.

Using a logo maker offers totally customizable options that can be adapted to your business needs.

Wix Logo Maker for tech logo

07. Refine and test your tech logo

Once you've designed your tech logo, the next steps are to finalize the design and understand how to use it effectively across different mediums. This stage is crucial for ensuring that your logo makes a lasting impression wherever it appears.

  • Review and refine: Take a step back and review your logo with fresh eyes or get feedback from others to make sure it creates the impression that you were anticipating.

  • Test for versatility: Check how your logo looks in various sizes and on different backgrounds. It should be legible and maintain its impact whether it's on a small mobile screen or a large billboard.

  • Secure necessary files: Obtain all the necessary file types from your designer or design tool. This typically includes vector files for scaling purposes and PNG files for immediate use.

Wix Logo Maker options

Examples of successful tech logos

Analyzing successful tech logos can provide valuable insights into what makes a logo effective and memorable. Let's take a closer look at some famous tech logos and the design elements that contribute to their success:

  • Apple: The Apple logo is iconic for its simplicity. The bite mark adds a unique touch to the basic fruit shape. It's easily recognizable and reflects the brand's focus on sleek, minimalist design.

  • Google: Google's logo uses primary colors plus one secondary color, which breaks the pattern and draws attention. The sans-serif typeface conveys a friendly, accessible brand personality.

Best practices for using your tech logo

To make the most of your new tech logo, consider these best practices:

  • Consistency is key: Use your logo consistently across all branding materials, including your website, business cards, social media profiles, and product packaging.

  • Adaptability: Ensure that your logo is adaptable for different contexts without losing its core elements. This might mean having different versions of your logo for various uses.

  • Brand guidelines: Establish clear brand guidelines that dictate how and where the logo should be used, including color variations, spacing, and size restrictions.

  • Legal considerations: Be sure to look for any trademark or copyright issues to ensure your logo design is original and doesn't infringe on existing trademarks.

Tech logo examples

Here are some real tech logo examples, all created using the Wix Logo Maker.


blue and white cloud tech logo

Tech Savy

Tech Savy tech logo

Rood Elektro

Rood Elektro tech logo

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How to make a tech logo FAQ

How important is scalability when designing a tech logo?

For all logos, including tech logos—scalability is necessary as your logo will be used across various platforms and mediums, including digital platforms, print materials and merchandise. Ensure your logo remains clear and recognizable when scaled up or down in size.

How do I ensure my tech logo is unique and not similar to others in the industry?

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