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7 creative ways to get your clients to post their workouts on social media

7 creative ways to get your clients to post their workouts on social media

Would you rather have a client with 50,000 followers post about your fitness business or a client with 500 followers post about your fitness business? The answer might seem obvious. After all, the client with 50,000 followers will make a bigger impact, right? Not necessarily.

The right answer is that both of these clients can support your marketing strategies. The one with tons of followers may mean broader exposure, but the client with fewer followers may have a stronger, more engaged community that really cares about what they support.

Bottom line: Client testimonials are gold. You want your clients posting about your Wix Fit business on their social accounts, regardless of whether they have a million followers or just a few. In doing so, they spread the message you’re putting out there, helping you reach new members in your target demo. (Related: How trainer Emily Samuel built a six-figure Instagram following.)

Below, seven creative ways to get clients to post about your fitness business on social media.

01. Engage with your followers

Show your followers that you care about them. Make them feel proud to be a member of your community, and they’ll be more inclined to show off that they’re part of it. If someone follows you, follow them back. If they comment on your post, respond. Make sure you have permission before posting any photos of your members, but once you have their sign-off, this is a great way to make them feel valued. No matter what you post—text graphics, pics, success stories—remember that social media should be a conversation, not a soliloquy.

02. Create merchandise

Give your followers something new to wear, and they’ll have another reason to post on social media. So, don't be afraid to offer discounts on branded gear in the name of marketing. Here’s how to start a fitness clothing line, and if you’d like some inspiration on this front, take a look at Wix Fit user Jolly Bodies’ online store, complete with trendy branded pullovers just begging to be shared on the feed.

03. Offer incentives for posting about your business

Consider instituting a tier-based reward system (5 posts get you a branded water bottle, 10 get you a t-shirt, 20 get you a free personal training session—you get the idea) to encourage people to post.

You can also use special events as opportunities to incentivize social posts. Let’s say you’re hosting a fitness challenge. You could ask participating members to post proof that they’re sticking with the regimen (and tag you or the gym), in order to potentially win a prize at the end of the program. FYI: When clients complete a fitness challenge built with Wix, they’ll be able to share a badge on their social channels.

04. Roll out the metaphorical red carpet

Create an “Instagrammable” environment that encourages picture-taking, say, by having your gym name on the wall in neon lights or a well-designed backdrop. Sweat FXBG, a boutique gym in Virginia, created murals in their space for this exact purpose. "Our Instagram Stories are sick because people are constantly tagging us, and it intrigues people enough to come in for a tour," says co-founder Robin Longley.

05. Hire a photographer

People want high-quality photos to share on social media, so there's no need to be subtle. That's why Grit Boxing in New York City has a dedicated Instagram night with a professional photographer. See if you have any professionals in your network who can take photos of your next special event or high-energy class.

06. Have a hashtag—and make sure people know about it

Having a hashtag for your gym will help clients craft their statement about your business, and ensure that at least part of it reflects your message. Like hiring a photographer, a ready-made hashtag takes some of the work off of your clients’ shoulders. SLT, a fitness studio with locations around the east coast, makes use of the mantra “better sore than sorry.” Instagram posts like this one put it in hashtag form along with others like # reSuLTs.

07. Host fitness competitions

If you tackled a big athletic feat, like running a marathon or finishing a triathlon, you’d post about it, right? Let a little healthy competition or the excitement of an event inspire your clients to post about your gym. For example, Upside Aerial, an aerial studio and Wix Fit user based in North Carolina, hosts seasonal showcases so members can show off their skills to friends and family.

Remember: These tips don’t need to stand alone. You can mix and match to find a combination that fits your vibe and inspires your community to stay active—in the gym and on social media.

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