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7 simple ways to increase AOV with Velo by Wix

7 ways to increase AOV with Velo by Wix

If you’ve been in eCommerce for long enough, you know how important average order value (AOV) is.

After all, when customers enter your online store, you don’t just want them to buy your $15 notebook. You want them to pick up a $5 pen. A $15 pack of folders. Oh—and maybe even a $10 calendar too.

AOV not only represents how much your customers are willing to spend; it represents how aligned you are with customer expectations and how easy it is for customers to find what they’re looking for on your site. This is where Velo by Wix comes in.

Velo is a feature for using custom code to make product discovery, promotion, and checkout easy on your Wix eCommerce site. With Velo, you can build an online experience that’s unique to your brand and encourages your customers to fill up their shopping carts.

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What is Velo by Wix?

Velo is available to all Wix users. It’s also known as the “developer mode” in your platform, where you can use Javascript to create endless animations and custom interactions.

Velo APIs are additionally available if you want to integrate, manage, and customize third-party apps like Salesforce, Zoho, Speechly.

With Javascript and/or APIs, you can go far beyond the prebuilt templates and drag-and-drop modules that Wix eCommerce offers (though those are pretty sweet too). Set triggered emails. Enable voice search. Or even let site visitors design their own products.

If you're not a coder, no sweat. The Wix marketplace is full of certified developers who can help bring your vision to life.

How Wix eCommerce merchants are using Velo to increase AOV

While there are many countless ways you can use Velo to your advantage, here are seven proven ways to help drive up AOV.

01. Related products

example of a related products section built with velo

Sometimes your customers may not know what they’re missing. They may have simply searched your catalog for the item that they need right now and gone straight to checkout.

Encourage further exploration by installing a “related products” bar to your product pages. Suggest products in the same collection (buying a shoe? Maybe you’d be interested in matching socks or new laces) or products with similar price points. The possibilities are endless.

While "related products" is offered as a native feature when you operate a store on Wix, with Velo, you have more flexibility in defining which products get shown. For example, you can choose to only display items with a price 20% greater or 20% less than the price of the product currently shown on the page. Or, you could dynamically suggest products that are frequently brought together.

02. Minimum cart total

example of a minimum cart total enforced by Velo

Ecommerce shipping costs can rack up quickly. It’s not always economical or profitable for your business to fulfill orders that fall below a certain threshold. By enforcing a minimum cart total, you can kill two birds with one stone: lower your shipping costs while incentivizing your customers to beef up their orders.

The trick is to present your minimum cart total in a thoughtful way. Make your policy clear, yet inviting. Offer an alternative—like curbside pickup—for smaller orders. And make it easy for your customers to explore other products.

In the example above, the user leveraged Velo to build a custom experience, where customers are redirected back to the store if they need to fill up their carts more. This also comes as a native feature with Wix Stores if you prefer to use the out-of-the-box version.

03. Bulk “add to cart”

example of bulk add to cart functionality created with Velo

Showcase all of a product’s accessories and add-ons on one page. Then, save your customers the trouble of adding items to their carts one by one. For example, in the above product page built with Velo, customers can design a charm bracelet with up to five charms.

They can select the charms directly from the main product page and add everything to their cart in one click. As they add a new charm, the preview image updates in real time. The total price similarly reflects any changes, creating a seamless experience for customers and naturally guiding them towards a bulk purchase.

04. “Low in stock” notifications

example of a low in stock notification created with Velo

Among the various psychological hacks that you can employ, this one’s a classic: create a sense of urgency by making it clear when a product is low in stock. With Velo, you can create an eye-catching banner emphasizing “only a few in stock.”

To trigger the banner, set a custom threshold. For example, you can automate the banner to appear when your in-stock quantity reaches 10 or less. Keep in mind how “low in stock” notifications can be helpful for inventory management. Especially if you sell on multiple channels, setting stock thresholds can help you to avoid overselling.

05. Gift quiz

example of a gift quiz created with Velo

More than half (54%) of consumers have abandoned their carts because of choice paralysis, according to a recent consumer survey. And it’s likely the others have been lured away from your site by other competitors.

To combat this and to encourage further exploration of your products, experiment with a gift quiz. You can customize this quiz however you want. In the example above, which was built using Velo APIs, a customer is guided through a series of slides—each with its own question.

After a customer enters his or her last response, Wix will fetch a personalized selection of products based on the keywords and information collected via the quiz. Surface one or multiple products at once for your customers to choose from.

06. Upselling at checkout

example of upselling at checkout created with velo

Even if your customers are in the process of checking out, it’s not too late to promote other best-selling or related products they may have missed. Just think of the last time you shopped at Marshall’s or T.J. Maxx. As you wait in line to check out, you’ll see rows and rows of other products; every so often, you may even pick an item to add to your cart.

You can create a similar effect online. Just add a container to the checkout page where you can display a new product. By building this feature with Velo, you can control which product to show and check that it’s not already in your buyer’s cart. Swap out these items whenever with just the push of a button.

07. “Top rated” products

example of top-rated products section created with Velo

How many times have you shopped on Amazon and opted for the item labeled “Best Seller” or “Amazon’s Choice”? In the same vein, having a designated space for your most popular items can save your customers the trouble of sifting through a ton of different options, product reviews, and item specs.

In your Wix eCommerce site, you can add a section to your category or product pages showing several, automatically curated products. Show products with the highest ratings or, if desired, the most sales. Wix additionally integrates with popular review collection apps, giving you an easy way to gather feedback from your customers.

Improve AOV with your own bespoke experiences

There are many other customized ways for how to start an online store—and it doesn’t have to cost you countless hours or resources to get the job done. Think of how you can better delight, service, and connect with your customers.

Inspire them to explore your full catalog of products with features like the ones above. If you’re ready to put your own plan in action, check out Velo by creating your store with Wix eCommerce.

Meredith Hassett

Developer, Wix

Meredith is a developer experience enthusiast at Wix with a specific focus on Velo by Wix.

Allison Lee

Editor, Wix eCommerce

Allison is the editor for the Wix eCommerce blog, with several years of experience reporting on eCommerce news, strategies, and founder stories.

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