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The Handbook: eCommerce Strategies to Fuel Growth

blog cover image wix essential 2022 eCommerce strategy handbook

Many types of businesses pivoted, turning the surge in online shopping into increased traffic and sales. Sustaining that growth, amongst increased competition and elevated customer expectations, requires planning and implementing smart eCommerce strategies.

To help navigate this terrain, we created the eCommerce Strategy Handbook, a streamlined guide on how you can grow your eCommerce business successfully. In addition to strategy advice from industry experts, like PayPal senior vice president Dan Leberman, and trends from over 700,000 Wix online stores, the handbook features proven strategies to boost sales and revenue, and case studies from successful Wix stores.

Here's a summary of the 4 strategies to boost your eCommerce website sales and revenue that are explained in-depth in the handbook. To download the full handbook click here.

Strategy #1: Refine your product offerings for greater profitability

Profit margins determine the success of eCommerce models, which is why it’s important to choose product offerings wisely. How do you properly plan product strategy to take into account wider sales trends and your own analytics? Are you calculating all of the costs associated with every product to get a truly accurate picture of your bottom line? And how do you steer customers to your most profitable items?

Learn more about how to set product strategy to maximize profitability.

Strategy #2: Improve the online customer experience to increase sales

Do you know what percentage of your website visitors end up making a purchase? That conversion rate is a key metric for gauging the quality of the online shopping experience you provide and evaluating the effectiveness of any on-site changes you make in your eCommerce website development. What features have other eCommerce (see What is eCommerce?) businesses successfully implemented to increase conversion rate? How can you deepen the level of trust that online customers have in your business? What can you do to turn one-time customers into repeat customers?

Learn more about proven optimization strategies that increase sales.

Strategy #3: Add eCommerce sales channels to spur growth

Your online store is just one major eCommerce sales channel you can use to boost revenue in 2022. In fact, Wix Stores that include an additional sales channel increase their revenue by up to 12%. What eCommerce sales channels can you add to achieve growth? And what factors should you take into account when planning a strategy to add new sales channels?

Learn more about how to strategically add new eCommerce channels.

Strategy #4: Optimize fulfillment to save time and money

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos shipped books from his local post office to his first customers. That’s feasible—maybe even enjoyable—for a small business. But without scalable systems, packing and shipping products can quickly drag down a growing enterprise. What solutions and services can you implement to make fulfillment a strength? And what fulfillment strategies can you use to increase order size and avoid disruptions? Could dropshipping be an option?

Learn more about winning fulfillment strategies that you can implement.

In addition to tips and tactics on how to implement these 4 essential eCommerce strategies, the eCommerce Strategy Handbook also includes case studies from actual Wix eCommerce users, detailing how they successfully grew their businesses in 2020 through smart business planning.

Learn more about how real Wix eCommerce merchants are growing their businesses in 2022.

Daniel Clinton

Managing Editor, Wix eCommerce

Daniel is the Managing Editor at Wix eCommerce, where he uses his experience as a merchant, journalist and marketer to create content that helps online businesses grow.

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