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How to Launch a Successful Facebook Ad Campaign with Wix

How to Launch a Successful Facebook Ad Campaign with Wix

What if, when advertising on Facebook, you could make sure that your paid ads appeared to those most likely to purchase your products? Imagine a kind of eCommerce tool that automatically reached your target audience on Facebook and Instagram based on their previous purchases, interests and behaviors online.

With Facebooks Ads from Wix, you can quickly create a targeted ad campaign for Facebook and Instagram—all from your Wix dashboard. Powered by Wix AI, your ads are continuously optimized, reaching shoppers that are most likely to convert.

Keep reading to find out how to boost product sales with your own ad campaign.

What is a Paid Ad Campaign?

With paid ad campaigns, businesses pay the owner of the ad space, like Facebook, to feature their ads online.

Paid ads typically show up as banners, or on the margins of web pages. You may also see pop-up ads in the form of video, images, text or a combination of the three. You can pay for ads to run on Google, partner websites or social media.

When setting up your ad, you’ll come across different payment models, such as pay-per-click (PPC) or pay-per-impression (PPI).

Pay-per-click: A paid advertising model where you pay a fee each time a visitor clicks on your ad. This model is typically used for search engine marketing or advertising on Facebook.
Pay-per-impression: in this payment model, you pay for the number of times your ad appears on a website.

Paid ad campaigns are a crucial component of your marketing strategy and converting shoppers into buyers. Because they run online, paid ad campaigns give you valuable data about your shoppers. You can use this information to analyze their behaviors, trends, demographics, interests and more. Based on data, you can optimize your ads so they only appear to shoppers most likely to click and convert.

Ready to start your own paid ad campaign? Good timing. Internet ad revenues in the United States hit record-setting highs, nearly $16 billion in 2016 with big returns. A recent survey found that businesses who invest in paid ads can boost sales by as much as 72%.

Facebook and Instagram Paid Ads

Paid advertising on Facebook and Instagram plays an important role in your eCommerce marketing strategy. Nearly 30% of the world’s population uses social media. Facebook alone boasts over two billion members and counting. Instagram, owned by Facebook, also stands out as one of the top social media apps, with over one billion users.

If you own an online store, you can increase your global reach and sales volume by advertising on social media. So let’s take a look at the different types of Facebook ad formats and where you can place them on social.

Facebook advertising breaks down into two parts:

  • Format: What the ad looks like

  • Placement: Where the ad is displayed

Facebook Ad Formats

Facebook ads appear in various media formats such as images, video, text, slideshows or a combination of such.

  • Video: Displays products and services in video format, providing an interactive view of your products. In general, shoppers find video 5 times more engaging than text and images.

  • Image: Ads that drive viewers to click using high-quality visuals

  • Collection: A product catalog, customized based on an individual's interests and online activity

  • Carousel: A combination of up to ten images or videos, each with their own link

  • Slideshow: Video or image slideshows that tell the story of your brand or product line

  • Instant Experience: A fullscreen experience appears when a user clicks on your ad, highlighting products or services

  • Lead Generation Ads: Shoppers provide their contact info via “Instant Forms”. Use these leads to connect with shoppers and help them make a purchase.

Where Will Your Ads Appear?

Facebook has several places where your ads appear once they go live:

  • Post Engagement: You can increase post engagement so that ads appear on your customers’ feeds

  • Event Responses: Promote your online store by creating an event that’s likely to attract your target audience

  • Page Likes: Pay to promote your business page and get more followers

How to Create a Paid Ad Campaign on Facebook and Instagram

With Wix, you can set up a paid ad that automatically targets the right audience in just a few steps:

01. Connect to Your Facebook Business Page

From your Wix dashboard, click Marketing Tools then Facebook Ads. Next, click “Connect to Facebook” to link your online store to your Facebook Business Page .

02. Edit Ad Content

Choose which products to feature. By default, ads will include all products. However, you can choose which products you want to showcase. As Wix AI learns about your shoppers, it’ll optimize your ads. Over time, products that appear in your ads will be the ones most likely to interest potential customers.

Pro Tip: Add a Call to Action (CTA). This text encourages potential customers to take action and click on your ads.

03. Create Your Target Audience

Select the gender and age range of your target audience. Add any special interests, like football fans, urban street style or hedgehogs.

Pro Tip: Wix Tracking Tools & Analytics tells you all about the visitors clicking on your site. You can use this data to better understand your shoppers: who they are, where they come from, and even the things they like to do. Now you know your target audience. This data will help you create strong campaigns right from the beginning.

04. Set Your Marketing Budget and Campaign Duration

Decide how much you want to spend per month on your ads. Then decide how long your campaign will run. You can choose continuously or select an end date.

Pro Tip: Wix AI needs time to learn about your target audience. Running your ad campaign for longer improves audience targeting and conversions.

05. Review and Submit Your Ad

Review your ad content, target audience and budget before submitting your ad. If you need to make any changes, click Edit. When you’re ready to launch your ad campaign, add your payment info and checkout. Facebook will review your ad and send an email notification once it goes live.

Pro Tip: Once your ad is posted, Wix’s machine learning algorithm starts targeting your audience. Shoppers most likely to convert will see your ads on their Facebook or Instagram feeds. When they click “Shop Now”, they'll get sent to your Wix storefront where they can complete purchase.

How to Track Your Ad Performance

Investing money in social media ad campaigns is a worthwhile investment for your business. But how will you know if your ads impact sales?

From your Wix dashboard, you can track your ad campaign performance. You’ll get detailed analytics on ad views, engagements and their effect on sales.

You can also track results using Facebook Pixel. Facebook Pixel monitors the effectiveness of your ad campaigns, allowing you to view conversion rates and optimize your eCommerce funnel.

By linking Facebook Pixel to your online store, you’ll receive automatic notifications when shoppers:

  • View your product page

  • Add products to their cart

  • Go to checkout

  • Make a purchase

Notifications sent from Facebook Pixel help you stay on top of sales. You’ll see which ads perform better than others, so you can adjust your marketing strategy and audience targeting accordingly.

Final Tips

Running an online store and developing a successful ad campaign takes time. While staying on top of your storefront activity helps, merchants may have trouble knowing exactly how to optimize their ads for social media.

With Wix AI’s automated targeting and ongoing A/B testing, your ads are continually optimized to target shoppers most likely to make a purchase. Plus, products featured in your ads change dynamically. Meaning, your ads will always display the most relevant content to your customers.

Investing in Facebook advertising pays off in the long run. Just let the statistics speak for themselves:

When Bonsie realized they could integrate their Wix store with Meta technologies, they ran automated Facebook and Instagram ads. The direct-to-consumer online business set up the Conversions API to drive better ad performance, and within 6 months saw a 530% increase in ROAS.

How to Launch a Facebook Ad Campaign FAQ

Who can use Facebook Ads by Wix?

Anyone with a Wix online store can launch a Facebook Ads campaign from their site’s dashboard. To set it up, go to your Wix dashboard on desktop > Marketing Tools > Facebook Ads.

Why should I use Wix to run my Facebook ad campaign?

What are dynamic ads?

Who will see my ads?

Can I edit my ad campaign?

Where will my ad appear?

How can I track the performance of my ad campaign?

How much does it cost to run a Facebook Ad campaign with Wix?

To learn more, watch our webinar about increasing your sales through Facebook Ads:

Ready to conquer social media marketing? Create your own Facebook Ad campaign with Wix.

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