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How to Turn Your Wix Website into a Sales Bomb

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When it comes to making sales, online shops nowadays often have more potential than brick-and-mortar locations. Going online enables you to reach a wider audience while tremendously cutting back on costs.

One of the greatest advantages of online shops is that they are so easy to set up. With Wix’s eCommerce website, you can get an online shop up and running in no time. On top of that, Wix offers you a large variety of apps and features to increase sales and make more profit.

If you want to sell like a pro, you need a professional eCommerce website, and we have just the right tools to make that happen. Here’s the ultimate to-do list for making money on your Wix website:

01. Choose an Effective Domain

Your website’s domain name is like the backbone of your entire business. If you don’t have an intuitive and clear domain name, your website won’t be able to pick up. You must choose a domain name that is easy to type, understand and say out loud. Go for something catchy, clever and simple. The shorter the better!

The good news is that you can purchase your domain name directly on your Wix account. In fact, if you have a yearly eCommerce package, you receive the domain name as a gift! All you have to do is make sure it’s available.

eCommerce website domain.

02. Start an Online Ad Campaign

One of the best methods to increase the flow of new visitors to your online shop is to advertise it. In the Business Apps section of your Wix account, you can activate “Get Traffic”, an app that allows you to run targeted ad campaigns across a huge network of locations. “Get Traffic” simplifies the process of running online campaigns and lets you set up your ads in just a few simple steps.

Before you run your first ad campaign, make sure you consider the following questions:

  • Targeting: Who is your target market?

  • Keywords: What are the best key words to use to attract your audience?

  • Call-to-Action: How do you encourage viewers to click and shop?

GetTraffic app for eCommerce websites.

03. Track Your Website’s Performance

Any professional marketer will tell you that looking into stats and numbers is critical for your online success. To increase sales, you need to understand your customers’ shopping habits. Their browsing patterns on your website will be able to give you valuable insights into your marketing strategy.

One of the best tools available for tracking and measuring online performance is Google’s famous Analytics tool. Google Analytics provides you with amazing info on your visitors’ demographics, the way they browse your website, how they got there and what they liked or didn’t like. And yes, you can easily integrate Analytics with your Wix online shop.

Analytics for eCommerce.

04. Optimize the Shopping Experience

To guarantee an incoming and growing stream of purchases on your online shop, you must provide your customers with a convenient and simple shopping experience. The Wix eCommerce platform was developed, designed and created with this goal in mind.

The Shopping Cart feature, which turns any regular Wix website into a professional online shop, is an ideal solution for both shoppers and shop owners. It is extremely easy to set up and customize, giving you full control over all the important eCommerce elements (inventory management, product customization, check-out settings, etc.).

eCommerce website product gallery.

05. Increase Brand Awareness

Taking your online shop seriously means starting to think about it as a brand. People seek out brands because they trust their quality and service, and because brands send a message that shoppers want to identify with. Strengthening your brand awareness will help you establish a loyal and enthusiastic customer base.

You can make people more aware of your brand by doing the following:

  • Add a Favicon to your website.

  • Use the fixed header feature to make sure that your logo and website title are constantly visible on your customers’ screen.

  • Post frequent updates on your site’s news feed, your blog, your Facebook page, Instagram feed or any other platform that works for you. It’s a great way to keep followers interested.

  • Use consistent design layout for your website, packaging, advertising material, business cards, etc.

  • Optimize your online shop for mobile viewing to make sure your branding and messaging works well on all devices.

Brand and branding.

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Geraldine Feehily

Marketing Writer, Wix eCommerce

Geraldine is a marketing writer for Wix eCommerce. She uses her broad experience in journalism, publishing, public relations and marketing to create compelling content and loves hearing user success stories.

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