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Velo by Wix: advanced web application development

Velo by Wix, previously known as Corvid, is a comprehensive web development platform that lets you build professional web applications in a hassle-free environment. With Velo, you get access to an open platform that combines an intuitive visual builder with a built-in IDE, serverless Node.js, integrated databases and more. All of which is backed by the secure Wix Cloud and requires zero setup time.

In addition to using the Wix editor’s built-in features, you can add custom functionalities and interactions using Velo’s APIs, install npm packages, connect to 3rd party APIs, and more - all while using your own preferred development tools.

The origins of Velo date back to 2017, when we first introduced Wix Code. Wix Code was an integrated development environment that enabled users to manage data, customize the behavior of Wix components, build web applications and create robust websites.

Wix Code has grown exponentially over the last two years, with numerous capabilities and advanced developing tools being added to its long list of features. The original environment evolved and is now a low code no code platform for professional developers to build websites. And thus, Velo was born.

All the benefits of Wix, taken to the next level

Velo allows you to use hundreds of UI elements to build your web application's interface in a highly efficient manner, without limiting the flexibility of your code. Work within the built-in IDE or from your own coding environment to control the behavior of all of the elements using JavaScript and Velo APIs. These include adding events, custom interactions, animations, and more.

Wix’s applications, such as eCommerce and Bookings, offer a great starting point for your web applications. Use Velo APIs or third-party APIs to fully customize their functionalities according to your needs. You can also create a database collection straight from the visual builder, or connect to any external database. Additionally, there are several Wix Data APIs in your site’s code that you can utilize to manage and aggregate collections.

With Velo, you’ll be able to work locally with your own development tools as well as simultaneously and collaboratively with colleagues. All with zero maintenance for developers and the possibility to add advanced backend functionalities such as routers and scheduled tasks.

Once you’re ready to go live, use Velo’s Developer Console to preview, test, and debug your code. This tool highlights errors, warnings, debug messages and more - both in front-end and back-end code. Furthermore, it indicates the page where the code is, as well as a clickable link to the specific line that triggered the message. Furthermore, you’ll be able to gradually rule out applications to ensure they’re performing as expected before they are exposed to the user.

Needless to say, Velo is fully SEO optimized and offers access to top-leading marketing platforms such as Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel, which allow you to track and monitor your application’s performance with your favorite tools.

How to activate Velo

  1. Go to and sign up (it’s free and only takes a few minutes).

  2. Open the Wix Editor.

  3. Select ‘Dev Mode’ from the top menu.

  4. Then, ‘Enable Velo.’

how to activate corvid by wix

Additional resources

Ready to start creating? Velo’s documentation center offers you the information you need to build any project. Here are some helpful resources that you may find beneficial:

  • Check out the mini site for a comprehensive overview of Velo.

  • If you’re looking for help, you can watch our video tutorials.

  • For some step-by-step guides on how to implement features, you can read up about Velo through our help center.

  • To jump into the conversation, join the Velo Forum group.

  • For a detailed overview on Velo APIs, you can browse through this API library.

Build, manage, deploy and scale your next web project with Velo by Wix!

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