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Introducing Lightboxes: The Best Way to Make a Good First Impression

Introducing Lightboxes The Best Way to Make a Good First Impression

In today’s fast paced world it isn’t always easy to nab your website viewer’s attention, and sometimes it can be a little tricky getting them to interact with your content. There’s a new way to get those eyes on your killer content and latest news; introducing beautiful Lightboxes.

Whether you’re looking to create a website or you already have one that could use a pick-me-up, this new feature is something you should definitely consider. We’re excited to announce a brand new feature to help you get that interaction you’ve been looking for – stunning lightboxes you can add to your website in just a few clicks.

What are lightboxes?

In essence, it is an interactive message that pops up to grab attention. It’s perfect for advertising sales, collecting new contacts and leads, or just a great way to say hello. Lightboxes come with heaps of impressive designs, which you can personalize according to your website’s own unique style. Need to spotlight a specific item or just want to get more subscribers? Not a problem, with Lightboxes you can highlight what’s important to you with a beautiful message that pops up.

Expert tip: use an overlay by fading your background for extra impact!

What are lightboxes?

Why use lightboxes?

Honestly, because it’s a fun way to interact with your site visitors; the sky’s the limit! You can welcome new visitors, grow your customer list, announce a promotion or new products and encourage them to take action. With lightboxes you can draw your visitor’s attention where you want it, and it sits beautifully right on top of your existing website. Not to mention they look awesome.

How to add a lightbox to your website

Choose one of the ready-made designs and add your unique touch to make it your own: add images, videos, buttons and forms to create the box that fits your website best. Easily create, compose and customize your lightbox to appear whenever, wherever on your site. Want it to pop up on the first visit, show up at the click of a button, or appear on a specific page? No sweat. These babies are easy to use and fun to create. But don’t take our word for it, try it yourself – go to the Wix Editor, add a lightbox to your website – and make it pop!

Here’s how: Open Editor > Add Panel > Lightbox > Choose preset

How to add a lightbox to your website

By Tali Marks

Community and Social Media Manager

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