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Small Business Tips \ NOV 16th 2015

14 Brilliant Packaging Ideas for eCommerce Sellers

Confession of an online shopper: there’s only one thing that I look forward to more than receiving the items I ordered online- and that’s unwrapping my shipment to discover that the seller went the extra mile with awesome packaging.

Packaging is an integral part of your business’s branding. When done correctly, great packaging can instantly make a customer feel confident with their purchase, even before they unwrapped what’s inside. Some online stores truly take their creativity to new heights when packaging their products, here are some of our favorite examples:

Inspired By Nature

The ultimate architect of all things beautiful, these packages were inspired by none-other than mother nature herself.

packaging ideas

Chemise-Homme.com pair their elegant shirts with equally stylish wood framed packaging

packaging ideas6

Birchbox is so confident in their gorgeous packaging, they made it a part of their brand name. What girl wouldn’t love to receive this carefully thought out and beautifully packaged box of goodies?

Personalized With Prints

These Pinterest approved packaging ideas can liven up even the simplest brown box. The best part? These beautiful branding touches can all be recreated on the cheap at your local print shop.

packaging ideas2

You can never go wrong with a thank you note. Pricilla went the extra mile by writing her notes on beautiful fabric cards.

packaging ideas3

Jazz up any package with a custom-made tape!  Lovely, cost-effective, and best of all: it’s a branded touch that fits all package sizes.

packaging ideas4

They say that half of design is typography. Liven up your packing by writing a beautiful note directly on the outside of your wrapping.

packaging ideas5

Hate gift wrapping? Why not place your item in personalized brown bags. They’re the perfect solution for the lazy gift wrapper in all of us. Keep your bag in line with your branding by adding a fun note and your logo to each custom printed bag.

Thinking Outside The Box

Who says that all items need to be shipped in a box? Check out these unusually shaped packaging ideas that are anything but boring!

packaging ideas7

Think outside the box and surprise your shoppers with a uniquely shaped container.

packaging ideas8

Self Packaging creates custom cardboard boxes that add a fun element of style and surprise to any package. Why not pump up your branding by creating a custom box to match your logo?

packaging ideas9

Special delivery! These fun food inspired packages can be ultra-branded by adding your logo, color-scheme or even a fun thank you note right on the box.

packaging ideas10

The Trunk Club is an online store that pairs shoppers with a personal stylist. With clothing delivered in a gorgeous trunk shaped box, shoppers can rest assured that their stylists have superior taste.

packaging ideas11

Hot out the oven, it’s your package! Thelma’s treats come packaged in an adorable oven inspired box – we’d order over and over again based on the package alone.

Second Chance Packaging

Online shopping often means unraveling (and disposing of) a lot of material. These environmentally conscious companies have created packages that encourage shoppers to reduce, reuse and recycle!

packaging ideas12

Taste makes plant-based home cooking kits. Their items come in a reusable home planter that you can reuse with your own seeds.

packaging ideas13

Joolz found a wonderful way to repurpose their product – they provide instructions on their packaging to turn that regular old cardboard into a whimsical cut-out.

packaging ideas14

5mimitos makes repurposing their packaging a no brainer. They place their items in beautiful, high-quality boxes that people can’t help but keep and use over again.

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