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5 Clever Ways To Get More From Your Facebook Page Cover Photo

5 Clever Ways To Get More From Your Facebook Page Cover_featured

When Facebook first launched their current Timeline layout, the cover photo was perceived as an opportunity to express visual innovation. It almost became a competition over who can make the cleverest use of the cover photo space together with the profile picture.

While Facebook users with regular profiles still have the privilege to use cover photos to show their visual control over the medium, businesses and organizations should consider taking their cover photos one step further. Facebook cover photos can be an important and powerful online branding tool. Think about it: the cover photo is one of the most significant marketing spots on your page, and it doesn’t even cost you a cent.

5 Clever Ways To Get More From Your Facebook Page Cover Photo

Wix prides itself for designing particularly successful cover photos for our Facebook page, so we are willing to share a few trade secrets with you, so long as you use them wisely!

Avoid Clutter

Ideally, good branding sends one clear message that highlights the strengths of your company. If you want your Facebook cover photo to convey a powerful message, you need to keep it focused around that one single message. Don’t overcrowd the already limited space with multiple images, various placements of text or sophisticated word plays. You want your viewers to internalize the message quickly before they start scrolling down your timeline.

Don’t Clutter

Keep It Fresh

If you want to show that your brand is relevant, up-to-date and quick to act, you can’t keep the same cover photo for too long. Show your audience that you your business is vibrant and dynamic by switching cover photo designs ever so often. There’s no real formula for how often you change your cover photo, that depends on the type of business you run and the audience you engage with. We can tell you from our own experience that Wix switches cover photos every few months or so, and it is working great!

Keep It Fresh

Make Sure the Action Buttons Are Visible

We can argue all day on whether or not a tree that falls in an empty forest makes a sound, but one thing’s for sure – an awesome Facebook page with a beautiful cover photo doesn’t mean a thing if it doesn’t generate Likes and Shares. The point is that your page has to continue and expand its reach to larger audiences, and one thing you need to be sure of is that your cover photo supports rather than obscures the action buttons on the bottom right corner. Let them see the Like!

Visible Action Buttons

Add Photo Title and Description

Too many page admins forget that the cover photo has all the technical attributes that you know from other Facebook visuals. Would you upload any other image without an added text, or without a link? Don’t forget that every time you update your cover photo, the change appears on your followers’ Timeline like any other post. Don’t let it appear there without context that support your brand.

Add Photo Title and Description

By the Wix team

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