Taking it to the Streets! 10 Awesome Urban Photographers

Sometimes the most beautiful images can be found right in front of our eyes. For those of us who live in big cities, it can be hard to look up and appreciate the wonderfully hectic environments that we call home. Thankfully, we found a group of talented Wix photographers who have taken the time to stop and smell the street art to capture some stunning urban images.

So pack your bags and take a trip across some of the more beautiful urban landscapes that the world has to offer. The best part? This trip is totally free and you never have to leave the comfort of your web browser.

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SVellecca Imagery >> Stephen Vellecca’s website proves that you don’t need a fancy camera to take breathtaking images. With the majority of his images taken from his iPhone, the portability of Stephen’s lens allows him to capture the beautifully spontaneous moments that urban settings are best known for.

SVellecca Imagery

Carissa Gan Photography  >>

Take a trip around the world in Carissa Gan’s Places album. The tailored lighting for each urban landscape makes you feel like you’re on a vacation right along side her.

Carissa Gan Photography

Astrodub >>

Angeliki Jackson (aka ASTRODUB), is a visual artist that proves that grit can be glamorous! Her urban decay style focuses on the beauty of off-beat interiors & textured exteriors that often go over-looked by city dwellers.


Nico Vromans >>

Nico Vromans’ Straatbeeld series (that’s Dutch for streetscape) gives viewers a unique perspective into urban life in the Netherlands. Some of our favorite images are the spotlight on his city’s homeless and senior citizens.

Nico Vromans

Andersson Photo >>

Orlando Andersson is an international traveler and photographer. No matter where in the world he finds himself, Andersson manages to capture the calm and beauty in the chaos of some of the world’s busiest urban landscapes.

Andersson Photo

Canon Snapper >>

London based street photographer Michael Summers takes you on a trip around the world often without leaving the UK. With London’s multicultural locals as his primary focus, Canon Snapper always has an interesting mix of beautiful people and places to point his camera towards.

Canon Snapper

Thiago Lontra >>

Photojournalist Thiago Lontra takes viewers on a roller coaster of emotions with each photo that he takes. From the intense joy of Brazil’s Carnival, to the pain of urban warfare, Thiago’s photos are more than still images, they’re small glimmer’s into each of his subject’s lives.

Thiago Lontra

S White Photos >>

Avid traveler Stephanie White takes you on a trip from some of her favorite hometown spots to Europe’s more hidden gems. Her beautifully designed travel album uses a unique perspective to find the quirky details in even some of the world’s most photographed places.

S White Photos

Thibaud Poirier >>

Landscape photographer Thibaud Poirier may be the only photographer featured on our list who doesn’t position his lens towards people. His high definition photographs intensely cover the energy of every place he finds himself. With so much energy oozing from his images, you hardly notice the absence of humans.

Thibaud Poirier

AU Photography >>

The street photographer & artist behind AU Photography looks for the subtle beauty behind everyday living. The ominous black and white photographs focus largely on the many textures and shapes found in an urban landscape, shining light onto the darker side of big city living.

AU Photography



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