My Incredible Career as a Wix Pro Designer

When we say that Wix is aiming to revolutionize web design, the story of Isaiah Frazier is what we have in mind. Isaiah is an upcoming web designer from Brooklyn, New York, who uses Wix to articulate and share his aesthetic vision. To put it in his own words: “Some might call it cliché or trite for that matter, but Wix has changed my life.”

Isaiah’s love affair with design started very early. “I always had a deep yearning for turning an intangible idea into something concrete that resonates with people”. This passion led him to pursue a career in web & graphic design.

Web design by Isaiah Frazier

Isaiah’s encounter with proved to be crucial for his web design career. He started out by creating a portfolio to display his work. Soon enough, his beautiful designs caught the eye of  some Wix studio designers who featured his portfolio as “Wix of the Day” on’s homepage (see photo below).

Wix of the Day

The road from there to becoming a Wix Pro Designer wasn’t long. Isaiah is now one of over 200 freelance Wix web designers offering their services on Wix’s directory of professional graphic and web designers, the Wix Marketplace.  Wix Pro Designers receive calls from prospective clients from all over the world, wanting to create or revamp their websites. “When I had the chance to become a Wix Pro, my world drastically changed”, says Isaiah. “Now I am working with dream clients (That have GREAT BUDGETS) who contacted me directly from the Wix Arena”.

Web design by Isaiah Frazier

Isaiah offers his clients not only website designs, but also a complete brand identity package. He also produces a special newsletter that helps him keep in contact with his existing clients, as well as gaining new ones. This approach has proven to be extremely helpful for business and for the personal relationship with the clients: “I can honestly say that each client I have, has become a good friend of mine”, he adds.

Isaiah’s connection with Wix is not restricted to the computer screen alone. An avid fan of the Wix Lounge, Wix’s free co-working & events space for professional creative in NYC, Isaiah is maintaining a close “offline” relationship with Wix as well.

Isaiah Frazier at the Wix Lounge

In the Wix Lounge, Isaiah is personally interacting with digital enthusiasts as himself, exchanging ideas with professionals and sharing his knowledge and experience with fellow lounge visitors. He even hosted a Meetup with a great turnout at the lounge, and also got loads of positive feedback afterwards.

Combining his experience with the Wix online platform, his designing talent and his direct contact with Wix staff and users at the Wix Lounge, Isaiah is what you might call a Wix Renaissance man. It’s an absolute pleasure to have him as part of the Wix Arena team of designers and to see how Wix is pushing his career forward.

If you’re reading this post thinking you’d like to pursue an additional career as a Wix Pro designer, please visit the Wix Arena and apply to “Become a Pro“.Remember that only the best make the cut!

By The Wix Team

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