Keep your Clients Updated Via an RSS Feed

Remember RSS? This used to be a buzz word in the online world, way before Twitter, Foursquare or App became common knowledge. Now, why would we bring up such a topic when online content and distribution have advanced so much in recent years? It’s because RSS may be an oldie, but it’s a goldie too.

Why Use RSS?

While no accurate figures were published, these numbers may give you an idea as to the power of RSS:

  • The Google Reader app for Android gained more than 250,000 downloads in just a few weeks after its launch.

  • Colossal tech blog TechCrunch has app. 2 million RSS subscribers.

  • The RSS Ticker add-on for Firefox has well over a million downloads.

If you’re not blinded by numbers, you may be excited to hear that RSS possibilities have really increased in the past couple of years. You can use your Twitter feed for RSS, or get people to subscribe to your Facebook Notes. And don’t forget about cool mobile apps like Pulse and NewsRack that are making sure people get their feeds on the go as well.

In a nutshell, there are now more ways to consume RSS, which means more opportunities for you to reach your market with your updates and news.

News feeds are now available on Smartphones

Who Should Feed

Sounds good, right? Well, now that we’ve got you all worked up on RSS, we should continue by emphasizing that not all websites are RSS-adequate. If you feed, you need to regularly produce interesting and unique content. This content can be:

  • News about your service – new releases, upcoming events, important announcements.

  • Incentives to close deals – sales, specials, contests.

  • Business-related blog – posts that are relevant to your target-market.

If you think you can produce such content on a regular basis, than RSS is definitely something to consider.

Google Reader, one of the most popular feed aggregators

Feed Your Wix Site

Integrating RSS into your business website is as easy as tic tac toe.

  • First you need to get your RSS feed. It’s in the form of a link, and you can get it either from your blog platform, from a feed aggregator (like FeedBurner) or from your Twitter account.

  • Then you need to add the RSS widget to your Wix site. Choose the RSS display you like most.

  • And finish by inserting the feed’s URL into the settings of the RSS widget. That’s it!

For more info on Wix and RSS, read here.

On that note, don’t forget that once you do have an RSS feed set up and running on your site, another important duty is to encourage as many people as possible to subscribe to your feed. On that note, have you already subscribed to the wonderful Wix Blog? :) !

By The Wix Team


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