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Web Design \ FEB 16th 2010

Hiring a Designer: FAQ

Wix.com is one of the most powerful design tools on the web. We’ve helped thousands of professional web designers optimize their talent and speed up their work flow. Wix also offers the Wix Arena, a marketplace where Wix users can search for professional help.

The Wix Arena

Finding the perfect designer can be a daunting task. We understand you have a lot of questions. What is the right design style for me? Who should I contact? How do I know I’m getting a fair value?
To put your mind at ease, we’ve developed a set of topics accompanied by questions you should ask when searching for a designer:

1. Creative Ability – Oddly enough, experience and talent do not go hand-in-hand! Just because a designer has spent years designing, it doesn’t make them an aesthetic-pro. The best designers have a natural gift to see colors and shapes. Web designers must also understand how a user interacts with a site. In order to ensure a quality designer, you must make sure he or she is endowed with these traits.


  • How long have you been designing?
  • Where have you studied?
  • Where do you go for inspiration?
  • Who is your favorite artist/ designer and why?
  • Have you designed a website in my genre before?
  • How do you approach a new project?

2. Software Proficiency – Adobe Photoshop is not the only design tool in the shed… but it might be the best. Make sure that your designer is proficient in Photoshop. It may also help to have vector editing experience. In that case, Adobe Illustrator proficiency is recommended. Ask your designer which programs he or she uses to create the look and feel of a website. The more programs a designer has in their arsenal, the more robust your design can be.


  • What programs do you use to design?
  • How many Wix sites have you completed?

3. Dependability – It’s crucial that your designer stays focused and meets deadlines. This means, he or she must make efficient use of both time and energy. Ask a few questions to gauge project planning ability. If you are still unsure, ask to contact your designer’s references.


  • How many projects can you handle at once?
  • As of the moment, how many projects are you working on?
  • How do you keep track of time?
  • Do you have a public log?
  • What is your best method of contact?

4. Prices – The services of most graphic designers can be calculated in hours. Unfortunately, these rates are not standardized. Amateur freelance designers can expect to make between $20 – $35/ hr. Experienced designers can earn between $50 – $80/ hr. Most likely, designers will charge by project. These rates should be reflected in the price they charge.


  • How much do you charge per hour?
  • How much do you charge for a custom site?
  • Do you offer retainer rates?

5. Market and Law – Although this may seem like common sense, it is often overlooked. The good news is you won’t have to ask many questions about this subject… but make sure this point is understood: Your designer must abide by the rules and regulation of fair use and copyright laws. (EXCLAIMATION POINT!!)

web designers

Now that you’re in “The Know” don’t be timid! Seize the day and search for a designer who will turn your site to gold.

Remember, if you have any more questions in the process, you may contact designers@wix.com… Happy searching!

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