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Vacation Rental Booking
By Futurestay
Free plan available

Vacation Rental Booking

By Futurestay
Short-term and vacation rental online booking
Free plan available
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  • Vacation Rental Booking overview

        Easily connect to existing listings in minutes, without disrupting your business
        Control your bookings, business, rules, and brand from a powerful Operating System
        Expand your distribution across all major listing sites and simplify operations
        Grow your direct business with a secure booking engine already connected to Google
    Futurestay empowers rentalpreneurs to build, grow, and optimize their short-term rental business. Futurestay powers your short-term rental business with award-winning connectivity, automation, and a website connected to Google Vacation Rentals to help you reach more travelers, get more direct bookings, and own your guest relationships. Futurestay's software subscription includes: * Property showcase website: Accept instant online bookings (Pro plan), or accept booking requests via form (Lite plan) * Multi-channel integration: Manage all your listings in one place with direct integrations to Airbnb, Google (+ more coming soon) (Pro plan) * Unified calendar and reservations: View and manage all your reservations in one place (Pro plan) * Guest payment processing: Simple and secure guest payments and payouts with no platform commission from Futurestay* (Pro plan) No contracts. Futurestay gives you the professional-grade technology to automate your rental business, without disrupting your revenue goals. *Standard credit card processing fees apply for reservation payments processed via Futurestay.
    This app is only available for United States of America.
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    Accept booking requests via form


    Accept instant online bookings
    Manage all listings in one place
    Manage all reservations in one place
    Secure guest payments and payouts
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