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Listing & Map
By grinflai
14 day free trial

Listing & Map

By grinflai
Visualize your locations on a map and listing
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14 day free trial

Listing & Map overview

    Interactive map and listing
    Multiple map styles to choose from
    Slideshow image gallery for each location
    Address searches with the geocode search box
Elevate your website with our app that offers dual location showcasing on a map and in a listing. Engage your audience with an interactive map, image galleries, and rich text for each location. You can also upload and download locations data with a CSV file. Immerse yourself in the app firsthand by exploring our interactive demo site. * Please be advised that this app may involve additional costs. A Mapbox token is essential for app operation, and users are accountable for any expenses incurred while utilizing the third-party service.
Availability:This app is available worldwide.
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Pricing & plans

This app offers a 14-day free trial
Starter plan


Multiple map styles to choose from
Slideshow image gallery
Up to 50 locations
Geocode search
* Price is in USD

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