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By BoomTech
Free plan available


By BoomTech
Show events, get registrations, sell tickets!
Free plan available
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  • Calendar overview

        8 layouts to showcase your events
        Collect registrations and Sell tickets on events
        Sync with your external calendars: Google, Outlook, Zoom, Eventbrite, Wix
        Allow visitors to add their events to public calendar
    The Boom Events Calendar is an easy-to-use and responsive event calendar app. You will find it suitable for scheduling your events, getting RSVPs, selling online tickets, and more. • Display calendar on Monthly, Weekly, Daily, Yearly, List, Agenda, Card or/and Map views • Add up to 10 events for free • Set custom recurrences on your event • Sync to Google, Outlook, Zoom, Eventbrite, Wix Events, etc. • Quickly manage your events with a Boom Calendar mobile app • Categorize your calendar events • Share events on different social media platforms • Collect event registrations and manage the guestlist • Sell tickets with your calendar • Allow website visitors to add events to your calendar • Easily manage calendars from the Dashboard • Enable users to search for your calendar events • Have separate widgets for your Upcoming Events • Import events from external calendars. The Calendar fully adjusts with your website template. If you don't like the default look, easily modify the design from the settings and create your custom beautiful calendar to keep your audience up to date.
    Availability:This app is available worldwide.
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    Pricing & plans

    This app offers a 7-day free trial
    Basic plan


    10 Events
    1 Calendar
    Sync with externals
    Starter plan


    Unlimited Events
    Unlimited Calendars
    Registration for 25 guests each event
    Remove Brand Ads
    Pro plan


    Registration for 100 guests each event
    Mobile App
    Visitor can add an event
    Business plan


    UNLIMITED Everything
    Tickets - Paypal/Stripe methods
    * Price is in USD

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