What is Velo by Wix? Build Web Applications, Faster

Wed Jan 06 2021


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Understand the philosophy and technology that underpins the Velo platform.

What is Velo? Who is it for? Most importantly, what does Velo allow developers to do that they couldn’t do before?

The answer to all of these questions is straightforward. Velo removes multiple obstacles from web development and lets developers focus on what matters most - code and the functionality of their applications.

It does this by providing an intuitive visual builder that lets developers quickly design a UI for their web applications, and marries the builder to an online IDE and serverless architecture to rapidly deploy and scale web applications. Using Node.js and other technologies, Velo users can focus on building their apps and delivering incredible experiences.

To understand Velo better, it’s important to break it down into two parts - the philosophy that underpins the platform and the technologies that support it.

Velo Philosophy

The core philosophy that underpins Velo is a belief that developers should spend their time focusing on the code and functionality of their apps - not spending numerous cycles tweaking the CSS or HTML. Visual UIs should be built visually, not with markup. HTML and CSS are foundational technologies that power the web, but is it still necessary to get into the weeds of those technologies to build an interface?

Velo accelerates web development by providing a visual builder that lets you quickly build the UI for your app and then focus solely on the code that powers the functionality you want.

You can read the following blog post on accelerated application development to better understand how Velo makes it possible.

Technological Pillars

The goal of accelerated app development can only pay off if the platform has a strong technological foundation to support it.

To that end, Velo is built using several core technologies:

You can read more about these technologies in this deep dive into Velo's tech pillars.

Get Started

You can get started using Velo in just a few minutes.

You can register for Velo, or if you already have a Wix site click Dev Mode and click Turn On Dev Mode.



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