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Wix DevCon

Announcing Wix DevCon’s 2022 Breakout Groups

Fri Aug 12 2022



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Wix’s first-ever developer conference is coming to New York City on September 7-8. These are the breakout groups to expect during DevCon.

The first-ever Wix developer conference is less than one month away. The two-day hybrid event, which takes place in New York on September 7-8, will include groundbreaking talks, interactive workshops, exciting after-parties, and more.

In the buildup to the conference (please register online to watch the livestream), we wanted to take a moment to share more details about the breakout groups happening at this year’s DevCon. These smaller interactive sessions will introduce attendees to the latest Wix technologies, allowing them to work with experts from the company in a hands-on capacity.

From backend design patterns and collaborative development to Wix Bookings, eCommerce, and beyond, these breakout sessions are your chance to get familiar with Wix products before they’re available to the public. Here’s what you can expect from DevCon’s breakout groups.

September 7

Unveiling a new workspace

In this session, attendees will learn about the exciting changes coming to the Wix workspace, helping each user increase the flexibility and velocity of their Velo developer experience.

Collaborative coding for the professional developer

This session will introduce users to a new product that allows multiple developers to collaborate on a single Wix site with speed and simplicity.

Inside Wix backend

Velo already provides developers with a wealth of resources for backend development. This breakout will show attendees how Velo works behind the scenes, with a focus on security best practices on the backend to help every Wix developer build secure, feature-rich sites.

Extend and customize your checkout logic

Take Wix eCommerce even further with new checkout flows and cart customization options that build on the robust development suite already offered by Velo.

How Wix builds on Wix Bookings

In this session, attendees will get a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Wix-Meet. The product, which allows recruiters and recruiting managers to keep their calendars in sync, was created using Wix’s own developer tools, and we can’t wait to show you more about how we used Wix to build production-ready software.

Unlock the full functionality of eCommerce

Wix is making huge strides with eCommerce, which provides new tools to create custom Stores experiences. This breakout will showcase the new features that set eCommerce apart from its competitors, giving developers the freedom to build their Wix stores however they want.

Testing, troubleshooting, and monitoring in the developer lifecycle

Testing is an important part of any software development pipeline. This session will explore how users can add testing and monitoring features to their Wix sites to help ensure that your web app does what it’s supposed to in every browser and environment.

Stepping into external Databases

Learn how to move beyond Wix’s built-in database collections and connect your site to an external database of any size using Velo. Attendees will walk away with a working project they can continue to refine later on.

Expanding Wix Bookings

Get a first look at new tools available to create the custom bookings experience of your clients dreams with dynamic pricing and other add-ons in this demo.

September 8

Velo $w programming model

The $w programming model lies at the center of Velo, but how exactly does it work? This session will explore the why and how of $w, as well as its problems, pain points, and successes. The session will also explore alternatives to $w, demonstrating how developers can use Velo as a creative tool. Attendees are encouraged to bring their own laptops for this advanced workshop.

Build and sell on the app market

Learn how to build an app from scratch for the Wix App Market. This session will also demonstrate how to submit your app for approval so that you can get started making money on the App Market. Bring your own laptop for this advanced workshop.

The new development paradigm

Anything is possible when designers and developers join forces. This workshop will showcase a new design paradigm that will help streamline the collaborative process.

Beats by Wix: Building an auto-scalable web service with Velo and AWS

An auto-scalable web service for audio processing using ABS Batch and Machine Learning? With Wix? Join us as we explore Velo’s creative side, with a particular focus on digital audio processing. For advanced developers.

Developers’ Growth: The hard truth about your soft skills

Soft skills like persuasion and public speaking are often overlooked by developers. But they can be an incredibly critical part of your business operations, making the difference between the success and failure. This workshop is designed to help you build your professional voice and flourish in tech communities around the world.

Winning the performance race

For the last 2 years, we’ve been working hard to improve Wix’s website performance and beat out all our competitors. Learn the specifics of how we did it, and how you can build lightning-fast Wix sites too.

How to make the most of Wix Data

Wix Data was a crucial development for Wix, allowing users to build out backend functionality without leaving the browser. Explore the issues and limitations that developers encounter with Wix Data, and learn more about what resources are available to help you fix existing issues and prevent new ones.

How Wix is doing CI/CD

Our behind-the-scenes look at how Wix makes software. This workshop will walk you through the company’s Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipeline, demonstrating how safety and reliability are built into our system by design, even as we continually find new ways to streamline the process.

Wix DevCon 2022

Wix DevCon 2022 takes place on September 7-8 in New York, with a livestream option for remote attendees. To learn more about the event or to register to attend, please visit the official Wix DevCon 2022 website.




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