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35 free handwriting fonts to use in your designs

From ornate swashes to loose brush strokes, handwriting fonts are personal and unique. Here are the best ones you can use for free.

Illustration by Anita Goldstein.

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Handwriting fonts, which look like they’ve been written by hand, come in all kinds of styles — cursive, swirly, rugged, or with long tails and beautiful swashes — that convey different emotions and set the mood for your entire design. That’s why they particularly lend themselves to headers, logos and branding, posters and social media ads. Handwritten fonts have a long tradition in graphic design, most notably in book and magazine publishing, but they can also be used in web design and help draw attention to user interfaces.

If you want your project to stand out from a sea of cookie cutter designs and add some personality to it, you need to pay as much attention to typography as to other design elements. Handwriting fonts can lend a unique feel to design projects, but be sure to choose your font carefully. Use it with consideration to ensure it fits the project and adds a personal touch yet doesn’t become overwhelming. Also keep in mind font size and readability: most handwritten fonts don’t look right when used for body copy. They can, however, give a lot of impact to short standalone amounts of text.

We’ve compiled 35 of the best free, downloadable handwriting fonts for your projects and inspiration — just make sure you check the license before you use any of them.

35 free handwriting fonts

  1. Shears

  2. Kristi

  3. Pecita

  4. Hills of Marbella

  5. Milles

  6. League Script

  7. Hangry Hand

  8. Reey

  9. Pacifico

  10. Bambi

  11. Permanent Marker

  12. Quentin

  13. Rhesmanisa

  14. Bringshoot

  15. Miglia

  16. Barokah Signature

  17. Noble Company

  18. Oh Now!

  19. Piciaw

  20. Marker Mark

  21. America

  22. Alangkah

  23. Dexotick

  24. Arkipelago

  25. Eagle Thunder

  26. Rustico

  27. Sarina

  28. Cervanttis Signature

  29. Sontoloyo

  30. Westfalia

  31. Nickainley

  32. Yeah Papa

  33. Barista

  34. Maler

  35. Variane Script

1. Shears

By Fontysia Studio

Shears, a free handwriting font

The signature style of this modern and elegant handwritten script font features flowy, rounded shapes that give the impression it was created by pen. Designed by Fontysia Studio, it contains a basic set of glyphs.

2. Kristi

By Birgit Pulk

Kristi, a free handwriting font

Kristi – a common Estonian girl name – is a calligraphy font inspired by old chancery typefaces, made with a basic felt pen using bold and quick moves while writing. Notable are the tall ascenders and descenders, slim vertical lines and little twists like in the letter "g."

3. Pecita

By Philippe Cochy

Pecita, a free handwriting font

A handwriting font with connected glyphs, Pecita’s natural look is created by a lot of contextual alternates and ligatures. It supports many languages (such as Greek, Cyrillic and Katakana) as well as the phonetic alphabet, mathematical operators, symbols and icons.

By Mats-Peter Forss

Hills of Marbella, a free handwriting font

This luxury handwritten font gives off the feeling of a quick, effortless scribble, taking inspiration from the world of fashion. It comes with wide language support and alternates for multiple characters.

5. Milles

By Fortunes Co.

Milles, a free handwriting font

A free modern script font that includes 151 unique ligatures and 45 alternates. The letterforms have loose brushstroke shapes with especially dominant ascenders.

By Haley Fiege

League Script, a free handwriting font

This coquettish monoline script font, with thin strokes, is reminiscent of handwritten letters from the ’20s, while keeping a modern, clean look at the same time. Designed as an open-source font for the League of Moveable Type, it includes ligatures, 187 glyphs and 8 character sets.

By Thalia Karr

Hangry Hand, a free handwriting font

Graphic designer Thalia Karr loves handwriting fonts and always wanted to make one. Named after the designer’s constant state of “hanger”, this font seems doodled by hand using thick strokes.

8. Reey

By Koen van der Bliek

Reey regular, a free handwriting font

Containing 245 glyphs, Reey is a hand-brushed script created with a brush and ink. It stands out by its unique swash capitals with very long ascenders and descenders, and distressed look.

By Vernon Adams

Pacifico, a free handwriting font

Here’s a neat brush script handwriting font that takes its inspiration from 1950s American surf culture. Originally commissioned by Google Fonts in 2011, it was redrawn by Jacques Le Bailly at Baron von Fonthausen and expanded to Cyrillic by Botjo Nikoltchev and Ani Petrova at Lettersoup, all the while maintaining its fun, sun-loving feeling.

10. Bambi

By 177 Studio

Bambi, a free handwriting font

Bambi is a casual handwritten font. Created by type foundry and multidisciplinary graphic designers 177 Studio, it’s bouncy and quirky, yet modern and very stylish.

By Font Diner

Permanent Marker, a free handwriting font

This all-caps handwriting font represents the look and feel of writing with a thick permanent marker. Its rough edges and thick strokes bring the popular writing tool to mind, and the all-caps letters complete the effect.

By Get Studio

Quentin, a free handwriting font

Another stylish, cursive handwritten font. Quentin stands out because of its rough texture achieved by dry strokes, yet it has natural curves.

By Jamaludin Ahmad Sahestya Dharma

Rhesmanisa, a free handwriting font

This handmade brush font by Indonesian graphic designer Jamaludin Ahmad looks elegant, natural and stylish. Its distinctive features are thin monoline strokes and long ascenders.

By Yusril Muhtadi

Bringshoot, a free handwriting font

Bringshoot is an eye-catching handwritten script font with rounded curves and decorative swashes. Containing 102 characters, it was created by Bali-based type enthusiast and lettering artist Yusril Muhtadi.

15. Miglia

By Ketjup Mandja

Miglia, a free handwriting font

Another distinctive handwritten all caps font. Created in 2016 by Ketjup Mandja, Miglia sets itself apart by its neat rounded letters that look great in headlines. There’s also a Miglia Fur version with thinner letterforms.

By Alifinart Studio

Barokah, a free handwriting font

Barokah is a calligraphy font with an elegant touch that features a varying baseline and a blend of soft and bold designs — the hallmark of a signature font. Inspired by the use of an ink pen, this handwritten font includes long and ornate lowercase swashes and extended language support.

By 1871 Project

Nobel Company, a free handwriting font

This vintage-inspired monoline script font comes in two styles — rough and regular — and is ideal for any designs that want to convey a retro feel.

By Khurasan

Oh Now! a free handwriting font

This handwritten all-caps brush font from Indonesian designer Syaf Rizal is semi-bold and has an italic slant. It also contains additional language support.

19. Piciaw

By Miftahul Huda

Piciaw, a free handwriting font

This edgy, fat-finger font features an italic slant and capitals with unusually long stems, creating a hand-doodled appearance.

By Vlad Cristea

Marker Mark, a free handwriting font

A beautiful SVG handwriting brush font that preserves both color and transparency. Marker Mark was made manually by using a marker on paper, then scanned in and cleaned digitally.

By Alex Joganic

America, a free handwriting font

America is a textured script with large dramatic capitals and a natural flowing stroke, resulting in a design that’s highly ornate yet rough at the same time. It was inspired by the Childish Gambino song This is America and also includes alternate characters.

By Muhammad Faisal

Alangkah, a free handwriting font

This calligraphy-inspired handwriting font by Muhammad Faisal, a UK-based developer and designer, has a distinctive signature-style and features a standalone underline that can be added to the end of the word for added flourish.

By Dhan Studio

Dexotick, a free handwriting font

Textured brush font Dexotick comes with unique features. Some of the letters intentionally feel a little disconnected, adding versatility to the design. You can also choose from a range of different underlines to add to the text.

By Nasir Udin

Arkipelago, a free handwriting font

The imperfect design of this wet ink brush script font gives it a quirky vibe. It contains extra alternate letters and several ligatures for a more natural handwritten look.

By Semar

Eagle Thunder, a free handwriting font

A unique textured brush font that features natural hand drawn strokes with irregular baselines. It’s all in caps, with a prominent slant and a distressed look reminiscent of urban street art.

By Hustle Supply Co.

Rustico, a free handwriting font

Rustico is a rough brush handwriting font. This all-caps typeface is bold, has a slight italicized slant, and the brush texture looks grungy and authentic.

27. Sarina

By James Grieshaber

Sarina, a free handwriting font

This brush-style font, designed by James Grieshaber, features a wide setting, with very little difference between the cap- and X-height. The medium contrast gives this font a casual feeling.

By Creatype Studio

Cervanttis Signature, a free handwriting font

A handwritten signature script featuring dominant swash capitals. With a natural, distinctive and stylish flow, Cervanttis font seems to be elegantly scribbled.

By Alphart

Sontoloyo, a free handwriting font

This handwriting font with a natural, casual-looking design was created in 2018 by Indonesian typeface designer Agung Rohmat, aka alphArt. With a thick stroke, some of the letterforms (“g”, “j” and “y” in particular) feature very long descenders.

By Rambler Creative

Westfalia, a free handwriting font

This hand-painted brush font, all in caps, conveys an authentic feel thanks to its messy edges and varied stroke thickness.

By Seniors Studio

Nickainley, a free handwriting font

Nickainley is a versatile monoline script handwriting font with a classic and vintage feel. The font features large swash capitals, an especially long ascender in the “f” and unusual, enclosed counters in some of the letters.

By Rafa Miguel

Yeah Papa, a free handwriting font

This is a fun font that looks just like natural handwriting. Created by designer Rafa Miguel from the Dominican Republic in 2015, Yeah Papa sets itself apart by its bold, straight and condensed letterforms, all in caps.

By Hendra Pratama

Barista, a free handwriting font

Barista is a unique monoline script font with connected letterforms that look like they’re made out of rope, alluding to the appearance of custom hand lettering. The font also contains ligatures and alternates. For example, you can add expandable ending swashes by adding an underscore (_) after the final letter.

34. Maler

By Sergey Vasenin

Maler, a free handwriting font

This all-caps display font supports Latin and Cyrillic characters, with a simple design that looks just like it was painted by a thick paint brush. Its intentionally imperfect strokes are designed for a relaxed reading experience.

By Boy Moch Tomi

Variane Script, a free handwriting font

An elegant cursive font featuring long ascenders and descenders and rounded terminals.


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