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How to write meta descriptions for your web pages

This post was last updated on May 03, 2023.

Video Transcript

How to Write Meta Descriptions for Your Web Pages

Your page description and title on search results is a chance to grab the attention of potential customers and convince them your site has what they’re looking for.

I’m Matthew and in today’s video, we’ll cover how to write strong meta descriptions for your site pages.


What are meta descriptions?

They’re what appears below your page’s title on the search engine results page. The goal of a meta description is to provide a short and relevant summary of a specific web page.

Think of it as your pitch. Your description should focus on what your page is about and the value you bring.

At times, search engines will automatically adjust descriptions for your site, based on your page content and what people are searching for. This means that any one of your pages can show different descriptions depending on the search query.

Top tips for creating meta descriptions

As a site owner, it’s an SEO best practice to write your own meta descriptions. Let’s go over a few guidelines.

First, create a unique description for each site page. Make sure your descriptions reflect the content of your pages, so potential visitors know what to expect.

Second, make your descriptions engaging. While descriptions should reflect your site pages, remember you’re talking to people. Think about what will motivate them to click to your site, buy a product or book a service.

Third, use your keywords or phrases. If your description includes keywords matching a given search query, these words will appear bold in your description. This can increase your chance that people will click through to your site. Use your best judgment and only use keywords when they reflect your page’s content.

And lastly, keep your descriptions short and to the point. We recommend under 155 characters, so they won’t get cut off on the results page.

Let’s recap. When crafting meta descriptions, follow these 4 guidelines. Remember, it’s all about being a good match for what people are searching for.

Invest time in your meta descriptions—every page counts. Again, I’m Matthew. Thanks for tuning in and... We’ll see you next time.


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