Wix Marketplace lead matching guidelines

As a Wix Partner in the Marketplace, you receive leads based on specific criteria:

  • Whether you accept or decline projects before they expire

  • Number of projects submitted 

  • Your service offerings, location, language preferences and rates

Here’s how you can maximize your lead generation in the Wix Marketplace:

1. Respond to project requests promptly

You have 1 business day to accept or reject a request or report it as spam before it expires. 

  • Make sure you respond to every request, even if you report it as spam.

  • If you have 3 expired requests in a row, your profile will be temporarily set as unavailable. 

  • If you reach 3 expired requests in a row again, your profile may be removed from the Marketplace.

2. Submit all completed projects

Bring more visibility to your profile by submitting all completed projects.

  • Go to your Project Leads and click Submit Project. The more projects you submit, the more requests you’ll receive and the better-qualified your leads will be. At the same time, the fewer projects you submit, the fewer leads you’ll get matched with.

  • If you haven’t connected a domain yet, simply submit the URL you have.

  • If you want to submit a project but can’t find it in the Marketplace, email us to let us know.

3. Keep your profile accurate and up-to-date

Make sure your services, rates, location and language preferences are accurate. This will help you avoid rejecting requests that don’t match your skills.

  • Set the languages you work in and decide where your clients are based. You’ll only get matched with leads from the countries you choose.

  • Your profile is automatically set as available. 

  • To stop getting matched with leads, go to your Project Leads and turn off I’m available for projects. You can turn it back on at any time to continue receiving project requests.

  • If you’re unavailable for longer than 3 months, your profile may be temporarily removed from the Marketplace and you won’t be able to access your profile.

  • If you have other priorities that keep you from being available for more than 3 months a second time, your profile may be permanently removed from the Marketplace.

Wix Marketplace profile dos and don’ts


1. Complete all required sections of your profile, including:

  • Name

  • Tagline

  • About

  • Picture or logo


Add more about yourself and your expertise in your About Me section to encourage potential clients to contact you directly. You can include content in other languages here.


Make sure the URLs for your portfolio website and social accounts are correct, so potential clients can see your work.


List specific starting rates in your profile, so you get matched with qualified leads. For Small Tasks, you can use our recommended starting rates.


Update the thumbnails for the sites you feature, so they look exactly the way you want.


Showcase only Wix websites on your profile.


Keep updating your profile with new projects. You can feature any Wix website you’ve created, even if it’s not from the Wix Marketplace.


Build credibility through client reviews on your profile. When you submit a project, your client automatically receives a request to review it. You can also send clients Review Request links yourself. Go to your Project Leads, select the project you want, copy the link and send it with a personalized note.



Showcase projects that contain abusive or offensive content.


Mention Wix competitors.


Use the Wix brand or logo on your profile.


Showcase incomplete websites or sites with members-only access.


Complete project requests you’ve received through the Marketplace on another platform. This can cause you to be removed from the Marketplace.

As a reminder, you can only have 1 profile in the Wix Marketplace. Review the Wix Marketplace Terms of Use for more info.

For more tips on how to make your profile stand out, check out the Wix Marketplace Profile Guide.

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