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Wix Marketplace lead matching guidelines

These guidelines are designed to give you and your clients the most professional experience. Following them will help you make the most of the Wix Marketplace, which matches you with leads based on your responsiveness, availability and how many Marketplace projects you submit.

1. Responding to leads

Respond to all leads within 1 business day. You can send a message if you’re interested in their project, reject their request or report it as spam.

Once a request expires, you won’t be able to see the lead’s contact info or respond.


You can set your profile as unavailable to take a break from getting matched with leads, and switch it back at any time when you’re ready. If you have 3 expired requests in a row a second or third time, your Marketplace account may be suspended for 30 days or removed. 

2. Submitting completed Marketplace projects

The more projects you submit that come from the Marketplace, the more likely you are to generate leads. 

Submit at least 1 Marketplace project every 6 months to keep getting automatically matched with leads and at least 1 project every year to maintain access to your Marketplace account.


Only use Wix and Editor X to complete the project requests you receive through the Marketplace. Completing them on other platforms may cause your Marketplace account to be removed.

3. Availability and client reviews

Keep your services, rates, location, languages and availability accurate and up-to-date.


By default, your profile is set as available. If you have other priorities keeping you busy, feel free to set your status as unavailable for up to 90 days at a time. If you leave your status as unavailable for more than 90 days, your Marketplace account may be suspended for 30 days. If this happens again, your Marketplace account may be removed.


When you submit a project, your client automatically receives a request to leave a review on your profile. Clients must review you themselves. To keep your Marketplace account active, please don’t submit reviews on their behalf. If this happens twice, your account may be suspended for 30 days. A third time may cause your Marketplace account to be removed.


Please don’t use the Wix brand or logo on your profile, display projects that contain abusive or offensive content or mention Wix competitors. Check out the Wix Marketplace Terms of Use for more info.

For more tips to make your profile stand out, check out the Wix Marketplace Profile Guide.

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