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Grow your fitness business online

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In this course

Expand your fitness business and build your loyal, online community. In this course, you’ll learn how to drive more traffic to your website and promote your business with email marketing and social media campaigns. Plus, you’ll see how to create an online store with your own merchandise so your clients can rep your brand.

Learn how to

  • Build and design email and social media marketing campaigns

  • Produce your own promo videos from your Dashboard

  • Create, print and ship your own merchandise on-demand with dropshipping

  • Build and add an online store to your website to sell your own products

Still frame from the Wix Fitness Course: Kiera Carter, Wix Fit Editor

Kiera is a writer and editor with over a decade’s worth of experience covering fitness and health topics for brands like Men’s Health, Fitness, Runner’s World, Bicycling and Shape. When she’s not sitting at her desk, you can find her boxing, running or hiking.

Wix Fit Editor

Your instructor

Kiera Carter

Who it’s for

  • Fitness entrepreneurs who are establishing their online presence and want to broaden their customer base

  • Studios, gyms and personal trainers looking to attract new clients and expand their online reach

Resources to help you grow

Get helpful articles, practical templates and more to put your skills to work.

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Promote your business

Now that you've put time, effort and your own sweat into your company and site, you want to make sure others see the fruits of your labor.

And in the digital marketing world, there are countless tools at your disposal, SEO, social media, email marketing.

And this lesson, I'll cover best practices for promoting your fitness business.

With social media and newsletters hidden in their inbox and on their social feeds.

Let's get started.

As you've likely seen before, posts for fitness businesses on social media often include an image along with short enticing text, something to really grab people.

This is a great place to start.

But keep in mind that everything you post should be aligned with your brand and relevant to the platform.

On Instagram, you can post workouts on your story, or host a live q&a with one of your trainers.

With Twitter, there's a bit more room for fluid conversation and dialogue.

Well, Facebook is best for groups events and marketing campaigns.

With Wix, there are two ways to create social media posts.

One of them is from the marketing and SEO portion of your dashboard, where you can pick a template or start from scratch to create engaging attention grabbing stuff.

The second option is straight from your services page.

That's what I'll walk you through now.

I'll head to my booking services page and select the course I want to promote.

Then choose how you want to promote it.

I'll select post on social media.

Then I'm shown a couple potential templates right away.

From here I can change as much or as little as I want fonts, graphic elements, background colors, changing up the text, you get the idea.

Once I'm done and ready to upload it to my social channels.

I'll click Next to preview and download my post.

Now well running a whole social media campaign may seem a little bit intimidating.

There's a useful tool called Facebook pixel that can help you create and manage your campaigns and keep track of their effectiveness and engagement.

To set it up, sign into your Facebook account and go to Facebook pixel.

follow the step by step instructions and the program will create a pixel code.

Make sure to copy that code.

This is essentially an ID that's unique to you that will help Facebook communicate with your website to track the traffic between the two.

Then head back to the marketing integrations area on your dashboard and follow the steps to connect your site to Facebook pixel.

Once you've set this up, Wix will automatically send all your events to your Facebook page and track the views and purchases.

If you later want to check that data, just sign into Facebook and head to your ad manager.

Your events are all right there.

Whether Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, each social media platform is best suited for different kinds of content.

So craft each post carefully so it feels native to its platform.

short trailer style videos are a great way to get people's attention as they scroll through their social media feeds.

Fitness is all about movement and showcasing that energy in a short video on Instagram is a super effective way to promote your business.

So head over to the Wix video maker in your dashboard.

Select a template, then add an images are short videos if you already have them.

Then add some opening text or the first wave of text which should introduce the concept of the video or grab viewers attention.

Next, the second wave of text lets you elaborate a little bit further.

Then the third line of text will be a call to action to explain what you'd like viewers to do like purchase a membership.

Finally, closing text rounds out the video and it's typically a good place to enter your web address or any contact details you may want to include.

From there, I can customize the design of my video to match the color and font on my site before previewing it and adding a music track.

With emails you can connect directly with your clients to build rewarding relationships.

I could send helpful tips initiate challenges, ask users to tag themselves in workout selfies, or promote trainers merchandise or healthy recipes.

This is an awesome way to drive traffic back to your site and determine what your clients are really interested in.

monitor what kinds of marketing emails get the best response and shape your offerings accordingly.

Another kind of email that helps drive traffic is the newsletter, newsletters or regular correspondence with a consistent format.

Think like a monthly newsletter that explores top fitness trends from that month or profiles a different trainer every week.

Newsletters can help you maintain regular contact with their clients while also providing valuable information.

You create a newsletter the same way you do any other email from the marketing and SEO section of your dashboard.

There are plenty of templates you can use usually related to upcoming holidays or different types of promos.

customize it. So it's on par with your brand and style.

But also keep it clear for your clients to understand how often you send out newsletters to your clients is entirely up to you, weekly or monthly is a good start more than once a week could annoy your subscribers, and less than once a month could make them forget about you.

But whatever you decide, just be consistent about it.

Soon enough, your clients will be looking forward to seeing your emails in their inboxes.

That's all for this lesson.

But join me next time as I talk about ways to expand this online community even further by building a loyal fan base.


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