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Why (and How) to Implement a Live Chat Solution on a Website

It’s crazy to think how much of our world has moved online. And it’s true for even the simplest of tasks - think grocery store shopping, booking flights, and even banking. So as more and more of our daily activity takes place on the Internet, there’s a higher consumer demand for quick response times in the online shopping experience. Seeing as a majority of your clients are small business owners, having a website that caters to this ‘new way of life’ is imperative. So how can you ensure your clients websites are engaging and can cope with the expectation from customers for efficiency? There’s an easy answer for that: install Wix Chat.

With Wix Chat, anyone visiting your client’s’ sites can instantly send them a message and start up a conversation. It’s a great way to build relationships, help customers to solve their issues faster, increase sales and much more. Let’s take a further look at the benefits of having a live chat solution on a website, explore the features of Wix Chat and how to install it:

Why a live chat solution is a must

While there are countless advantages of selling online, the loss of a personal experience is definitely a drawback. One way to ensure that your clients customers receive that extra care (and warm welcome) is by incorporating a live chat feature. Not only does it help to build strong relationships with your clients, it also garners a sense of trust. As a business owner yourself, you know the importance of being available for questions or concerns at anytime of the day (or night). By using Wix Chat, your clients are able to portray to their customers that they are there for them should any queries or concerns arise during their online experience. And let’s not forget what this app can do for sales and online bookings. Users who installed Wix Chat saw an average increase of 36% in sales and bookings after just one month.

Live chat feature on your website

Main features of Wix Chat

Now that the benefits and importance of having a live chat feature on a website is clear, let’s dive into some of the rich features that Wix Chat has to offer:

Visitor notifications: Every time a potential lead arrives on your clients’ pages, sends them a message or makes a purchase, a notification is sent to their phones, alerting them of the action. This allows your customers to greet and direct site visitors, offer recommendations for future purchases and more. For the most convenient user experience, Wix Chat is seamlessly integrated with Wix CRM, meaning that all conversations are saved in their inbox. From there, they are able to save these users and send them some love via email newsletters, invoices and feedback forms. These custom details are sure to go along way with your clients who are actively working towards increasing their customer base as well as retaining happy buyers.

Wix Mobile App: Thanks to the advances of Wix Mobile App, your clients are able to chat on the go with their own customers. By being available no matter where they find themselves, they can always follow up on potential leads and continue to grow their market presence.

Page-browsing notifications: Not only does Wix Chat send alerts when a user is on the site, it also provides real-time updates as they browse the rest of the site.

Automated greeting and saved replies: The chatbot might be available 24/7, but it doesn’t mean that your clients have to be. Wix Chat is automatically programmed to send a welcome message to each person who enters your clients’ sites. This will save them from sprinting to their phone every time they hear that ‘ding’ of an incoming notification. And by turning on the ‘Lead Capture’ option in the Wix Chat settings, if a visitor reaches out while your clients are not available, they will be prompted to leave their name and email in the chatbox. This way, your clients will be able to sleep peacefully knowing that they won’t be missing out on a potential lead.

Advanced features: By upgrading the Wix Chat application, your clients will have access to a number of additional features. For example, clients can create ‘office hours’ for when they know they will be available for chat, giving them greater control over their time. There is also an option to send automated messages after certain actions are taken, known as Wix Automations. Let’s say one of your clients owns a hair salon. After someone has booked a session, a confirmation message will be sent saying, ‘Looking forward to seeing you in the salon.’ Ensure that your clients’ brands are spread throughout every aspect of their sites - this includes the chatbot, too. We recommend using their logo or a friendly headshot to literally put a name to a face.

How to install Wix Chat

  1. Click ‘Add’ on the left side of the Wix Editor.

  2. Underneath ‘Contact,’ you’ll see a section for Wix Chat.

  3. Simply choose your preferred layout and drag and drop it onto your site.

  4. You’re done! Your new chatbox will now appear on the bottom right hand corner of your website. If you’d like to customize it further, hover your mouse over the chatbox and select ‘Settings’ and then ‘Get Started.

Customer Reviews

Here’s what some happy users have to say about their experience with Wix Chat:

Reviews of live chat feature on a website

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