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YouTube Channel Banner


What is YouTube channel banner size?

A YouTube channel banner size refers to the specific dimensions required for the header image at the top of a business’s or individual’s YouTube page. It’s the first thing visitors notice when visiting a YouTube channel, making it an important element in setting the tone for the business’s brand identity. Here, the size of the image is important for a well-designed banner—one that’s measured to fit a YouTube page properly can attract viewers and increase engagement, whereas one that looks unprofessional can repel them.

Evolution of YouTube channel banner sizes

The YouTube channel banner size has evolved over time as the channel continues to develop its design and layout. Part of the reason for this is also the increased use of mobile devices and the number of people watching video content from their phones or tablets. In 2013, YouTube introduced the One Channel design layout, which allowed channels to have a banner image that would scale across all devices. The ideal size for a YouTube banner at that time was 2120 x 1192 pixels. Now, the ideal size for a YouTube banner is 2560 x 1440 pixels.

What to consider when designing and sizing your YouTube channel banner

When creating your YouTube channel efforts, you’ll want to make sure your banner is designed with the optimal size in mind. Be sure your channel’s banner includes the following, but still looks great within the 2560 x 14440 pixel limit:

  • Relevance to your brand: Your YouTube channel should represent your brand and convey your message to your audience. When adding these elements into a YouTube channel banner, it may require you to rearrange or remove certain details to tighten the design.

  • High-quality image: If your banner includes an image, make sure it’s high-quality image and uses the right size to stand out as professional and appealing.

  • Consistency with branding: Since it's just one element making an impact in your business’s wider marketing strategies, your banner should be consistent with the rest of its social media platforms. This means using similar colors, imagery and language and ensuring the most important elements, like your logo, look their best within the limits of the banner’s size.

  • Call to action: No matter the size, including a call-to-action on your banner can encourage viewers to take action, such as subscribing or liking your content. Make sure your CTA is noticeable and uses concise, actionable text that encourages visitors to stay engaged.

Benefits of optimizing the size of your YouTube channel banner

Your YouTube channel banner is one of the most important visual assets when it comes to YouTube marketing. While crafting a style, language and aesthetic for your business’s videos is a crucial part of the long-term strategy, a banner is one of the first visual touch points new visitors to your YouTube channel have with your brand. The benefits of optimizing it include:

  • Increased brand recognition: A well-designed banner will make an impression on visitors, helping them recognize your brand and increase brand awareness outside of YouTube.

  • Higher engagement: With a visually appealing YouTube banner, you’ll encourage viewers to engage with your channel and content on a regular basis.

  • Better first impressions: A professional banner can make a positive impression on viewers and increase their likelihood of returning to your channel.

  • Increased following: Did you know you can add social links to your YouTube banner? This means an attractive banner can be used to draw in visitors to your other social media channels, too.


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YouTube banner examples

YouTube marketing is a type of marketing, utilized by big brands to expand their reach and generate sales. The right banner is a crucial part of these efforts. Some real-life examples of YouTube channels with effective banners include:

Apple: Highlighting their product with a high quality image, the brand also includes links to their website and Instagram page from the YouTube banner.

Nike: Nike’s YouTube banner is perfectly aligned with how customers already perceive the well-known brand. Using an athletic image (that’s perfectly sized) paired with a motivational quote, they welcome visitors to their channel—Nike style.

Red Bull: The unique illustration featured on Red Bull’s YouTube channel banner is representative of the brand’s quirky marketing techniques. Not only is it perfectly sized, its a creative way to connect with visitors and draw attention to the brand’s video content and more.

YouTube channel banner FAQ

What is the recommended size for a Youtube channel banner?

The ideal size for a YouTube channel banner is 2560px by 1440px.

Can I use a template to design my YouTube channel banner?

What should I include in my YouTube channel banner?

Is it important to optimize my banner for different devices?

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